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Bananarama Long Train Running Lyrics

Last updated: 05/21/2011 12:00:00 PM

Down around the corner
Half a mile from here
See them long trains run
And you watch them disappear

(chorus 1)
Without love, where would you be now
Without love

You know I saw miss Lucy
Down along the tracks
She lost her home and her family
And she won't be coming back

(chorus 2)
Without love, where would you be right now
Without love

Well the Illinois Central
And the Southern Central freight
Gotta keep on pushing mama
You know they're running late

(chorus 1)

Well the pistons keep on turning
And the wheels go round and round
And the steel rails are cold and hard
For the miles that they go down

(chorus 1)
Baby baby baby baby babe
Oh won't you move it down
I gotta keep on moving
Gotta keep on moving
(ad lib)

publishing : Warner Chappell Music 1973