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As the name implies, all of Lonestar's members drifted into
Music City from Texas. Dean Sams was working at the Country
Music USA show at the Opryland theme park (as were future
recording artists Ken Mellons, Chely Wright and James
Bonamy) when Dean began rounding up personnel for a band.
By late 1992, he'd recruited singer/songwriter Richie
McDonald and two former members of the band Canyon --
Michael Britt and Keech Rainwater.

From the get-go they shared a tremendous work ethic.
Lonestar hit the road and performed more than 500 More...

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Review about Lonestar songs
To the one I Love <3 | Reviewer: Nhie_A.B
    ------ About the song Amazed performed by Lonestar

I'am so happy to find this wonderful and awesome song ever! I'll promise that this song will be our wedding song someday with the one i truly love and live for the rest of my life... It's truly amazing...I like to have a music video with this song together with her ...and i'm the one singing this song for her... <3

"Our Song" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Amazed performed by Lonestar

This my Hubby's song for me. The first time that I've heard of this song was when he sang it to me for 3 times. I almost cried because he's feeling the song. I'm really Amazed by Him! The lyrics is exactly how I feel for him and same as him for me...I LOve You So Much!

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Amazed performed by Lonestar

This song is amazing! It makes me cry everytime i hear it! It's been mine and my boyfriends song and has been ever since we got together in september 2008! I love him more then words can say and this song is just the beginning!

This song. | Reviewer: Emmy
    ------ About the song I'm Already There performed by Lonestar

This song is such a heartwarming song. It reminds me of everyone I have lost, everyone I will someday lose, and everyone I have right now.
One day when I am older and have a husband, I hope to have this type of relationship with him. One where we can love each other over the phone and know we mean it.

nicky | Reviewer: cliff little soldier
    ------ About the song Amazed performed by Lonestar

nikyou no how much ilove youthis song amazed is goin to be played at our wedding the song says we want to be together for the rest of our lives and that is how i feel and i think you do to let us put the past be hind ilove u so much what a beutiful song just made for us

one more day | Reviewer: larry
    ------ About the song One More Day performed by Lonestar

i heard this song on a old Elvis movie called "jail house rock"
when he was in jail,and his cell mate sang it to quite the other inmates down. the words were different then these words?
this movie was made in the 60's so i wonder who wrote the song back then? anybody know?

:(.......... | Reviewer: kaylin munsell
    ------ About the song I'm Already There performed by Lonestar

this song makes me tear up cuz my dad left right in front of me when i was 4 and always never wanted to stop believing that he was comin back....but 7 years later i now know hes not and i think y he isnt comin back is because of me :(

This song goes right to my heart | Reviewer: Marilyn
    ------ About the song I'm Already There performed by Lonestar

Everytime I hear this song I just want to cry forever. It is so deep, so beautiful. I think of my father when I hear this song and just thinking about anyone who lost someone. It's beyond words. One of the best songs I've ever heard.

a touching song that will always beat in my heart | Reviewer: Wendy
    ------ About the song I'm Already There performed by Lonestar

My Dad died just about the time this song came out and I could almost hear him say the words to me. The about 6 years later, my first husband died and the words became a more haunting melody to me....The two will always be "Already there".
Thanks to Lonestar for the beautiful song that I will carry forever in my heart!

mine and my baby's song:) | Reviewer: mark
    ------ About the song Amazed performed by Lonestar

this song is mine an my baby's song, it has been one of the best relationships ive had in a really long time, i really do get this feeling everytime im with her. its like a sugar rush i get everytime i see her i just get so excited everytime!!! every word in this song is exactly what i think about my baby sierra!!! every single word!! i just love this song!, weii i just love her lol :DDDDDD

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