Lonestar Albums

  • Life As We Know It Album (6/4/2013)
    The Countdown
    Maybe Someday
    How Can She Be Everywhere
    Pretty Good Day
    With My Eyes Open
    Party All Day
    Life as We Know It
    If It Wasn't for You
    I Miss When
    I Did It for the Girl
    Just the Rain
    Oh Yeah

  • Party Heard Around The World Album (4/27/2010)
    Beat (I Can Feel Your Heart)
    Live, Laugh and Love
    She Wants What She Wants
    You're The Reason Why
    Making Memories
    The Future
    Goodbye Is Goodbye
    Let Me Love You
    Party Heard Around the World
    Mean As You

  • Mountains Album (10/17/2006)
    Nothing To Prove
    Long Lost Smile
    Thought It Was You
    Hey God
    I Wanna Do It For You
    Cowboy Girl
    What She Had To
    One Of Those Nights
    Careful Where You Kiss Me
    Always In The Band

  • Coming Home Album (9/13/2005)
    You're Like Comin' Home
    I Am A Man
    I'll Die Tryin'
    Little Town
    I Never Needed You
    What's Wrong With That
    Two Bottles Of Beer
    I Just Want To Love You
    When I Go Home Again

  • Let's Be Us Again Album (5/25/2003)
  • From There To Here Album (2/1/2003)
  • I'm Already There Album (6/26/2001)
  • This Christmas Time Album (9/12/2000)
  • Lonely Grill Album (6/1/1999)
  • Crazy Nights Album (6/17/1997)
  • Lonestar Album (10/10/1995)
  • Live Album (10/1/1995)

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    Reviews about Lonestar albums

    Lonely Grill - from Lonely Girl | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Lonely Grill performed by Lonestar

    I was living up in the N.Cascades when this album came out. I ordered not hearing one song. When I returned to the city life. I kept hearing hit after hit and I knew all the lyrics! You will enjoy each cut from this awesome album.

    Stolen song - Mountains Lonestar | Reviewer: Wendy
        ------ About the album Mountains performed by Lonestar

    I work for Cindy Black who wrote "3 Second Ride" and when I heard "Mountains" I have to think whoever wrote it stole Cindy's song basically. It's sad artists can't come up with orginal ideas. They have to step on the independent artists to pad their pockets.

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