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Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day in my life

Such a lonely day
Should be banned
It's a day that I can't stand

The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day
Shouldn't exist
It's a day that I'll never miss

Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day of my life

And if you go,
I wanna go with you
And if you die,
I wanna die with you
Take your hand and walk away

The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life

Such a lonely day
And it's mine
It's a day that I am glad I survived.

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I love System of a Down but... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/13

I absolutely detest this song. It's very far from their style(s), it's boring, repetitive and down right whinny. I like almost all of SOAD's other stuff, not matter how nonsensical it is, but this is just whinny and depressing: NOT what I want from a radical METAL band... This song should be banned. I apologize if I have offended anyone has some emotional attachment to this song and for your lack of musical taste.

People are idiots. | Reviewer: Muse | 2/19/13

Okay, first of all, good song, a little overplayed, but that's hardly the song's fault.
Now secondly, grammar has always been recognized as having no place in the music business. I can't get no satisfaction, we don't need no education, etc. etc.
Thirdly, no this song was not written about September 11th. None of SOAD's music was, Chop Suey, which started broadcasting around the same time was taken off the radio and tv because of the lyrical content, eg. "self-righteous suicide".
Finally, this song, while a good one, is far and away from being SOAD's best song. But because it speaks to all those loners and friendless people out there it's gained notoriety among them.
And with that, the Muse is out.

don't speak about grammer | Reviewer: fari | 2/27/12

sometimes you say it's the lonliest day of my life, but soon in another time in the future you'll say it's the lonliest day of my life, this song tells that it's the most lonliest day of my life :D doesn't matter how many times you'll say it's the lonliest day of my life :-j

One Foreigner's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/11

English teachers, philologist or others.. Doesn't metter. The 'wrong gramar', actually is a type of hyperbola - it doesn't mean the most lonely.. it means more than the most lonely, but sounding better - the most lonliest! Whatever, who cares if it's written that way or another... The music is music, doesn't matter if with 'most' or '-est'. One of the goodEST songs ever!

people | Reviewer: pedsriot '13 | 11/16/11

people you need to shut up. 1 we can all agree its a good song and 2 so what. nobody really cares about grammar here and 3 everyone can have their own interptations of the song and their own opinions. so enough with the contradictions and make amends.

seriously? | Reviewer: sarah | 9/14/11

this song is about september 11th. and so what if the grammer isnt right. he's making a clear and simple statment in this song with the grammer. its an excellant song. and if you cant see that, you can go fuck yourself.

the perfect song! | Reviewer: fiona | 8/22/11

this song is awesome like all the songs of soad! i love system of a down cause they songs always calm me... i think that this song expreses everyone that has felt even 1 time at his whole life lonely... * (i'm sorry if i have any grammatical mistakes or expresisve because i'm from greece...) soad for ever!!

Meaning. | Reviewer: speedhalloween | 8/7/11

What I have heard and so on. this song is about the day when Daron Malakian lost his cousin to the burning house. "And if you die,I wanna die with you" means that cousin were important to him and last line tells how Malakian is glad 'cause he survived. And about the grammar mistake. I guess Malakian wanted to show how lonely he has been 'cause of that day. And for me, it sound better with the most :)

I really don't like emos | Reviewer: K | 8/2/11

this song is great and everything, but i don't like the fact that a lot of emo kids try to make this seem like one of their songs. it's really annoying because it ruins the meaning of this song. Emos = me frickin' annoyed as hell

The day of the Genocide | Reviewer: Heinrich Pesch | 7/28/11

This song can only be understood if you compare it to Holy Mountains. The lonely day is the day when the Armenians were marched out of the villages into death. Some children survived, and SOAD are children of these survivors.

thanks from Russia | Reviewer: Valerie | 6/9/11

I just want to say thanks to those great people who composed this song and wrote the lyrics, i think it expresses one's emotions so well, nobody could write about loneliness better than System of a Down did in this song! Such a lonely song... one of 'the most loneliest' songs that I love and never get tired listening to!!!

'it' means | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/11

"Take your hand and walk away"

He uses the conotation's of I, I'll, you, mine, my, & 'its' for the other person(s) that need to "Take your hand and walk away" Take their own hand and walk away.

some may argue that except for that last verse "It's a day that I am glad I survived." as being the song giver saying to itself since it got rid of the problem.

But i see it more likely that the one who walked away & the song giver, should be thankful for simply taking themself away from 'it' all ie;

get off your high horse.. | Reviewer: Tsabee | 12/27/10

.. i say anyone bitching about the grammar is probably some undereducated punk who thinks a bit high of himself.
Dont think that the writer wasnt aware of the grammar error he made.. please anyone whove studied english for a year knows the lines incorrect. He just emphasizes the rate of lonelyness with an intended error.
But of corse dont get sad, youre still a very special, clever boy to have been able to point that out.

I am an english teacher | Reviewer: turkish | 12/19/10

and i had my students listen this song after teaching comparative and superlative the messega was that: "Even if you use wrong grammer, dont hesitate to try to talk english because even if u talk in a worng way gramatically, people will understand what u mean, what u feel." I think this song is great to encourage students to talk and practice english.

Great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/19/10

Actually, grammar is punctuation and everything, orthology would be the correct/incorrect use of words. So, all you moaning about the 'grammar' error. I'm going to moan to you about your orthology error. For using the wrong word. Sounds fair?

This song is brilliant, it shows that through lonely days there is always happiness at the end. "A day I'm glad I survived".

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