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Sage Francis London Bridge Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2012 12:00:00 PM

Oh.. oh!...

Lalalalalondonbridge lalalalalondonbridge london bridge is
London bridge is falling and the tower of piza is leaning
The statue of liberty is green with envy
Penny for your thoughts penny for your lows
The clothes and dress codes tradition of false things
London bridge is falling
Indias got salt on its coast
Theres a tea party in boston
London bridge is falling

Made us wood and clay that wouldn't stay
No matter how hard the people pray
The materials just washed away
They could have used rocks rocks don't bend or bow
But quite frankly they had too many enemies to stone
The empire the empire (state) the empire state is building
The taj is on fire these horus cats make a killing
Heathens bow down to the sirens
An emergency for bread and cheese
(they yell shut up and freeze?)
The earth shall inherit the meek
When canada put up a fence cuz their medicines so cheap
America's asleep (Yeah I'm snoring) and london bridge is

And london bridge is falling
I got the best seat in the house they hired me as a watchman
London bridge is falling indias got salt on its coast
Theres a tea party in boston, london bridge is falling

They made us stainless steel and wrought iron
That wall in china aint so great I built a bridge over a hymen
It goes up to the sky and mother mary is cryin
My fair lady don't cry its gonna be alright!
Cus I'm alive - I'm alive and kickin'
Teaparty in boston teaparty in boston
London bridge is falling london bridge is falling..