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Drag me by the ankles
To the bottom of the ocean
There I'll stay forever
Until you come back from England

The London Bombs

I stayed up forever
Tried to call your number
But you were lost forever
In the early days of winter

The London Bombs

Dirty little town on the Thames is calling you away

I stay up forever
Try to find the answer
In the sun I wait for you

The London Bombs

Dirty little town on the Thames is calling you away

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The London Bombs

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Straight from the horses mouth. | Reviewer: candi | 10/25/09

I was at their concert in august, and before they performed "london bombs" they told the crowd that there was alot of confusion around this song, that people thought they wrote it about something to do with the bombings in london. he told us that he wanted to correct everyone out there that it had nothing to do with the bombings. it was actually about him being in london recording and being away from his loved ones, not being able to get in contact with anyone and how hard it was for him.

an emotional song! | Reviewer: Uta | 5/26/09

"dont be so stupid and heartless to say this is a bad song, what he is writing about is real and it is impossible to put into words what its like in these places."

I totally agree with you!
don´t just go around and judge songs or the people who wrote them! they are putting their feelings and emotions into these words, they try to express themselves with words and the music and I think it´s great that they let us be a part of all that!
they are not like most hiphop singers who don´t write their own songs and don´t even really sing the songs themselves (they do but would you really listen to them if their voices wouldn´t have been cg´t?) and who just do it for the profit!
well yes, I don´t say Eskimo Joe doesn´t make any money out of it, but writing the songs himself is still the old way and I consider the old way to be a kind of art (and yes, music is art).
so don´t walk around with a stick up your ass and just don´t listen to music and songs you don´t like! nobody is forcing you!

*and yes it really annoys the hell out of me how prejudiced, stubborn and ignorant some people are these days!*

great song, nice voice!

(and sorry for any mistakes my english is not the best, I´d like to give you a piece of my mind in my mothertongue)

.... | Reviewer: Holli | 8/21/08

i absolutely love this song and did frm the first time i heard it!
its so deep and nearly makes me cry 2 think about all the loved 1s lost in the london bombs... GO ESKIMO JOE!!! i love all the work u do

london bombs | Reviewer: .. | 8/15/08

i used to live near london. whoever said tht stuff about him repeating it, grow up. u hav no idea how scary and horrible it is growing up in a place like that. we wer always the target, its a dark place and a very dirty town, he got that rite. dont be so stupid and heartless to say this is a bad song, what he is writing about is real and it is impossible to put into words what its like in these places. get over urself. this is an amazing song

Curiously unsympathetic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/08

Its about the bombing of London, with which the band appears to be sympathising right up until they call London a 'dirty little town on the Thames'.

The proud, bloodied but unbowed people of London thank you for this description.

cousin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/08

one of the band members cousin is actually living in england at the minute

the member of the band wrote this song for her, as at the time of the london bombing he was worried sick about her well-being, even though she lives very far away from london in a little town that would have no point in bombing

Simple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/08

The lyrics aren't cryptic at all and I think the simplicity adds to the songs emphasis on how something so casually spoken off creates such a disaster in peoples lives forever.
Well written.

As for whoever wrote "this song is appauling, they say london bombs 14 times, we get the bloody point its about the london bombs, its a depressing song and one that should have never of been produced", have a heart.

It's a story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/07

I do believe that this song was actually written for a member of the groups friend, who lost his wife in the london bombings.
It's such a beautiful and heart-wrenching song

Heartfelt | Reviewer: Tierraaa. | 12/12/07

To the person who said about it repeating 'london bombs' alot, well did you ever think that was in an effort to emphasise it, and to show the repetition of the events rolling over in people's brains, people who are traumatised by the whole happenings.
i, for one, love this song, eskimo joe's crisp sound suits the music, and the song is heartfelt, warm and mostly..tragic.
beauty has been made by this song.

its a great song | Reviewer: scott | 12/1/07

london bombs if you actually listen to the lyrics and plus i know what the songs about . one of the members of eskimo joe was in london at the time of the bombings and there trying to get in touch with him by producing a song it was something along those lines awesome australlian band

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