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Local H Biography

Last updated: 09/17/2007 12:00:00 PM

First of all, Scott Lucas stands at a height of 5'11'' and weighs 170 lbs. His straight brown hair lays on his calm, gentle face. Black plastic glasses make his small dark brown eyes expand. His large ears wiggle on the side of his head. When he's talking, his glasses move out of place and make him look like a Poindexter. He always wears baggy, ripped jeans and T-shirts. He looks like a vagrant. He looks like he would be a good gymnast but he isn't compared to his friend Joe Daniels.

Joe is excellent at back flips. He can do two back flips in the air. Scott's personality is weird but entertaining. He's quiet and deep in thought, but every so often he has a burst of craziness. When he's performing, his personality is totally different from when he's off stage. When he sings on stage or in the recording studio he screams his lungs out. He plays bass and electric guitar while he sings. He's a man of 25, who still enjoys Sega.

Known as one of the hardest hitters in rock n’roll today, Brian St. Clair started playing the drums in 1980 when his brother told him he was going to play in his punk rock band "Political Justice?" with guitarist Wes Kidd. Brian went on to pound the drums in P.J. for four years. In that time, they released a 7” single, toured the Chicago club-circuit and opened for such acts as T.S.O.L. and Battalion of Saints.
In 1988, when Chicago-based Rights Of The Accused needed a drummer, Brian was their first choice (he had been a roadie for the band for a few years). The Noise/BMG-label act went on to tour with Faith No More, Ministry, Blue Oyster Cult and the Revolting Cocks.

Brian, and longtime friend and bandmate Wes Kidd, left R.O.T.A. in 1992 to form a new band - TripleFastAction. TFA released two albums, Broadcaster on Capitol Records in 1996 and Cattlemen Don’t on Deep Elm Records in 1997. Scott Lucas toured with the band as a 2nd guitarist for six months prior to recording Local H’s Pack Up The Cats. In 1998, Brian decided to leave TripleFastAction to pursue other interests.

Brian then moved to New York City where he began working for such artists as Liz Phair and Cheap Trick. In August, 1999 he received a phone call from Scott Lucas to come to Chicago to audition for Local H. Before they finished playing the first song, Scott new he had found his new drummer. After two weeks of rehearsing, Local H was back out on the road and writing new material for the next album.