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Urban crooner Lloyd topped BET's play list singing a steamy
duet with Ashanti, but he got his first spins on the
anything but steamy Radio Disney. Born January 3, 1986, in
New Orleans but raised in Atlanta, Lloyd joined N-Toon --
the teen pop group put together by Klymaxx's Joyce Irby --
in 1996 and appeared on their 2000 album, Toon Time,
released by Dreamworks. Much later -- and trading
influences Mickey and Donald for Marvin Gaye and R. Kelly
-- Lloyd's vocal talents were recognized by L.A. Reid. When
Reid became head of the Def More...

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Review about Lloyd songs
my bf and i | Reviewer: vivi
    ------ About the song Southside feat. Ashanti performed by Lloyd

This song reminds me daily of my bf I love him so much and the voices are like chemistry d actual words of the song is wat we r going through only wit my mom though but ima never give up on my babes

classic | Reviewer: haleigh
    ------ About the song You performed by Lloyd

i love this song soooooo much it makes me wanna cry because i wish it was still 2007 and this song was still new! this song is so dope i miss when lloyd did songs like this! his new music sucks! i just wish i could re live when this song came out...it never gets old. ha ha ha ha ha haaaa shes fine too but i want you.

this song speaks the truth | Reviewer: bray bby
    ------ About the song Player's Prayer performed by Lloyd

this song was so sweet when i heard it. i love ot to this day. i listen to this song whenever i feel is right. i have went through that cheating stuff. and it hurt. but now i am getting through it. i love you tyler baby. (:

dat sh*t | Reviewer: killa k
    ------ About the song Year Of The Lover performed by Lloyd

dis song dat shit an i really dnt care for lloydz music but he got 2 songs dat im n luv wit n those r i need love and year of the lover he did dat shit make sum more songs like these an ill b a fan of urz

its helpted me alot | Reviewer: kieron
    ------ About the song Southside feat. Ashanti performed by Lloyd

thiss songg iss sikk mann mee andd myy gyall havee juss broke up bcz her dad didnt want us to be together i actully cant belive we did but we did so uno hopefully ill have her back soon this song has helpted me bear man becz i know i love her and hopefully if her fam move we will be together bizzle !

idk wat 2 think | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Player's Prayer performed by Lloyd

see my shawty sing this song all the time and i wonder wat she be talkin bout becuz we still together i dont kno if she be talkin about her ex boyfriend or she jus like his song....i like this song becuz its pretty

How I FeeL | Reviewer: Bunchy B
    ------ About the song Player's Prayer performed by Lloyd

Well my ex boyfriend put me through it. Everytime he cheats it's like a stab in the back. Yeah, he still denies it. But I'm in luhv with him and can't help but want to take him back. But thi song really helps me out a lot because it's what I wish he'd say.
Even though we aren't together and I know he'll be back I Love You Desmond!

It Happens 2 tha Best of Us | Reviewer: CJ
    ------ About the song Player's Prayer performed by Lloyd

I went this exact thing. I was doin the player thang. I had somethin perfect n I wanted 2 end it n do me. Turns out I didn't want her doin her I was wrong. N I will neva do it again. Its her ringtone so I won't ever 4get how much she means 2 me cares 4 me. Cuz we got back 2getha n next Aug. We gettin married. I love u Kia and I won't do it again promise. Its being played rt now on my cd player its really my real prayer. God gives u gifts u can't reject u have 2 keep it near and dear 2 u.

2 Amber's Review | Reviewer: Yanna
    ------ About the song Get It Shawty performed by Lloyd

1st off this is 2 that female Amber who obviously had a lot 2 say about Lloyd rather or not any of us females no him personally Lloyd is a great artist and 4 u 2 come on here n bash him like u did was wrong. Only female who would take offense 2 his lyrics must b a female who think he's talkin about her. Like please don't even try that shit # 1 its a song 2 each is on u either listen 2 it or u don't but for any1 who actually likes it has nuthin 2 do wit yo ass in other words keep ya salty ass comments 2 yaself. I felt ya comment was purposeless a lot of bullshit. I can see if he was callin girls bitches & hoes "which he's not" so oh well if he talk about havin sex shit u prolly fuckin 2 so shut the fuck up. N another thing just becus u don't think he is sexy or hot whatever somebody else does so get over yaself .All n all Lloyd is great fuck da bitch who don't think so. Great music Lloyd keep up the good work new ablum is wonderful. Love all the songs fav. 2 b exact " Year of the lover " n " Love making 101"..

this song has me | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Streetlove performed by Lloyd

i love this song right now i feel for someone who is in the game isee the side of him that noone else do i see the gentle side but when he in the street hes ruff and rugget hes the one who told me listen to this song ifell in love withit as soon as i heard the beat and as soon as listen told the words i fell for him streetlove

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