Lloyd Albums

  • Lloyd Album
    Like Me
    Feels Good
    Track Shoes
    Take It Off
    Get A Room
    She's Holding Out
    Everything I Do

  • The Playboy Diaries Album (10/29/2012)
    Turn On The Lights
    All Of Me
    Swimming Pools
    The Playboy Diaries
    TK Call #1 (Inboxin' My Girl)
    Night & Day
    TK Call #2 (Sophia's Man)
    TK Call #3 (Playa to Playa, Pimp to Pimp)
    Me & My Baby
    The Question
    TK Call #4 (Pleasin' Yo Bitch)

  • King of Hearts Album (7/5/2011)
    Intro (MDMA)
    Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)
    Luv Me Girl
    Be The One
    Shake It 4 Daddy
    Lay It Down
    This Is For My Baby
    You II
    World Cry
    Bonus Tracks
    Never Window Shopping
    King Of Hearts

  • Lessons In Love 2.0 Album (9/1/2009)
    Lessons In Love
    Lights, Camera, Action
    I Need Love
    Can't Get Over
    I'm Wit It
    Year Of The Lover (Remix)
    Do The Damn Thang
    Day In The Life
    Lose Control
    Love Spaceship
    If He Knew
    Nobody But Me
    I Don't Wanna Be

  • Like Me: The Young Goldie Album (6/1/2009)
  • Lessons In Love Album (8/5/2008)
  • Street Love Album (3/13/2007)
  • Southside Album (7/20/2004)
  • Thoughts From A Driveway Album (4/28/1998)

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    Reviews about Lloyd albums

    Hottest Shit Out Now | Reviewer: Tiff
        ------ About the album Lessons In Love performed by Lloyd

    This album is hottest thing to hit the streets. This album is about love in a mature, but sexy way. Once you start listening it has you thinking anout your love life and how it should be. SO GO GET THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey brother i love u n support u!! | Reviewer: arielle g. jones
        ------ About the album Thoughts From A Driveway performed by Lloyd

    hey bro its me arielle a.k.a ya bad *** lil sister i love you and miss u remeber im thinkin abt u mwauh lovez ya b safe take care ttyl l!xoxo

    not as hot... | Reviewer: nina
        ------ About the album Street Love performed by Lloyd

    baby boy,this song is hot,not as hot as some of ur other songs,but still real hot,and by the way u are the sexyest man on this earth,luv u!!!!!!!

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