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Lloyd Banks is unsatisfied. Unsatisfied, despite having an
incredibly successful 2003. A 2003 where he was crowned the
street's number one artist, appeared on the year's
top-selling record, and sold another 2 million-plus copies
of an album with his own rap troupe. Lloyd Banks is so
unsatisfied he's titled his G-Unit/Interscope Records debut
The Hunger For More.

"When I say The Hunger For More, it could be referring to
more success," says Banks, the lyrical submachine gun of 50
Cent's G-Unit arsenal. "It could be more money. Or More...

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Review about Lloyd Banks songs
Punchline correction | Reviewer: Anthony
    ------ About the song Get Involved performed by Lloyd Banks

He said "gods favorite fuck I'm underrate? I'm like Kyrie with the Rocks, I'd give a run to David" you know David and Goliath he's saying his rocks as sharp as David hitting Goliath with that rock or his rocks are as flashy as Kyrie proving dishing the rock. This why he the punchline king

Retarded | Reviewer: Poop
    ------ About the song City Of Sin performed by Lloyd Banks

Whoever came up with these lyrics is a complete retard or need a hearing aid. Every line is wrong ahah

Love it | Reviewer: Alexus M
    ------ About the song Cake performed by Lloyd Banks

Ok..Banks is back and he aint goin no where. yea ... i bought tree albums when they came out.... cuz i can do that... now i got six copies of BAnks... Hunger for More (3) and Rotten Apple ( 3) The title is riddiculous but his tat is sick i love it its crazy.... it dnt get n-e-betta den the statue of libery holdin a pistol.... please make anotha album......

cake by lloyd banks feat 50cent | Reviewer: brittany E.
    ------ About the song Cake ft. 50 Cent performed by Lloyd Banks

the song is real good i was sleep on g unit mix tapes till someone said these lyrics to me and said the jone was hot so i decided to listen and they was right so now if yall aint heard this song you need to get out and GET DAT CAKE!!!!!

Lyrically twisted | Reviewer: Benjamin A*
    ------ About the song Porno Star ft. 50 Cent performed by Lloyd Banks

But your brains on freeze, in other words, frozen knowledge

this is one of the sickest lyrics a've ever hard from the boywonder tis sicker than a Muh4cka Anybody who fronts on the boy needs to listen to his Punchlines and his articulation of his ideas.
I rank him up there with Jigga in lyrical prowess

kevin boateng aka thermo | Reviewer: kevin boateng aka thermo
    ------ About the song Til The End performed by Lloyd Banks

Lloyd banks is overatted
fuk all yall muthafukas who like him
the game craps on him i can name 21
rappers (alive) betta than him
maybe if he wasnt in g-unit he would have more respect because he is looked as 50 cents bitch yall
should listen to some real shit like 2pac or b.i.g
or listen to papoose or cassidy 2 deadly lrysists in their own right and if any of yall geezers have the ballz to reply please go on and reply
as for the song never heard of it just came to this site to open your eyes up
so laterz hoes and bitches
cause i got brooklyn on lock also young phaze is gay with lloyd banks

G-units Strongest lyricists | Reviewer: Benjamin Atika
    ------ About the song Til The End performed by Lloyd Banks

Til' the end is one fo the Kids strongest lyrics ever it's more of an emotional journey than just a song .Nate Dogg does his share by dropping the really strong chorus but Banks kills the song with the deep lyrics and punchlines.This is by far my favourite Banks lyrics.

The First line on the first verse vividly descripts how death comes unexpectedly
"Nobody dead knew they would die before they woke"You can see what he is trying to explain and you get hooked onto the song till it ends

GANGSTA SONG | Reviewer: malik alex
    ------ About the song Survival performed by Lloyd Banks


LLOYD BANKS | Reviewer: Lina
    ------ About the song Karma performed by Lloyd Banks

I love this song damn much! I love Lloyd Banks, hes my future husband :P no but i really love his songs, im a huge fan.

Lyrical Lloyd...!!! | Reviewer: alCapri
    ------ About the song Til The End performed by Lloyd Banks

wudddap holla at 'em lyriczzz flowin outta lloyd banks....all hailzz 2 ma hommie Banks N G-Unit..!!!

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