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Lloyd Banks is unsatisfied. Unsatisfied, despite having an incredibly successful 2003. A 2003 where he was crowned the street's number one artist, appeared on the year's top-selling record, and sold another 2 million-plus copies of an album with his own rap troupe. Lloyd Banks is so unsatisfied he's titled his G-Unit/Interscope Records debut The Hunger For More.

"When I say The Hunger For More, it could be referring to more success," says Banks, the lyrical submachine gun of 50 Cent's G-Unit arsenal. "It could be more money. Or respect. More power. More understanding. All those things lead up to that hunger for more, because my 'more' isn't everybody else's 'more.' I feel like I made it already, because I already got what everybody on the corners of the neighborhood I grew up in is striving to get. God forbid anything happen to me, my family is straight. So anything that happens after this is just me progressing as a person."

Banks's personal progression is seen throughout his debut album, especially on numbers like the soul-dipped "When The Chips Are Down," which features the Game; and the Eminem-produced "Til The End," an elegiac meditation on mortality tinged with twinkling keys and bolstered by choral flourishes. On the other end of the musical spectrum is the arena-rocking "Playboy" the festive "Heart Of Southside," which features G-Unit member Young Buck and horns bigger than your speakers; and the melodically cacophonous "Perfect Match," where Banks teams up with Brooklyn's Fabolous to exchange pearled strings of witty bon mots geared at the fairer sex. The Hunger For More's first single, the party-starting "On Fire" proves that Banks's music is at home in the clubs as it is the streets. "My record follows the same format of Get Rich Or Die Tryin' and Beg For Mercy, but it's just me so it's a whole different sound," says Banks. "I got all new producers. I'd rather break a producer than do what everybody else does. There's no guarantee that a big-name producer is gonna give you that hit record. You can pay $100,000 for one song; there's no guarantee that it's gonna be that one. It's only what you make it. And that's what I'm gonna show everyone."

Lloyd Banks was born Christopher Lloyd 22 years ago and raised in Jamaica, Queens. "My mom is Puerto Rican, my pops is black," he informs. "It was kinda like when I was with my mother's side of the family I was the bad seed, I was the one who was most unlikely to succeed. And then when I was with the black side of the family, I was the angel, because all my uncles are career felons." His parents were young and never married. And his father, who chose to pursue tax-free income on the streets, spent more time behind bars then he did with his son. That left his mother to raise a young man who was close to 6 feet tall by the 6th grade and who started sprouting facial hair in his early teens. "My mother showed me everything," Banks says. "When I was in the 3rd grade, she took a cucumber and showed me how to put the condom on." Like many kids in the inner city his age, Banks sought to escape the poverty and death of his environment.

Early on he took to writing various musings--ghetto poetry, loose narratives, nothing quite structured, though he was influenced by rap gods like Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick. "I listened to Big Daddy Kane a lot, cause that's what my pops listened to," he says. Banks's favorite songs were Rick's "Young World" and Kane's "Smooth Operator," and "Ain't No Half-Steppin'." High school didn't agree with Banks, so he dropped out before his 16th birthday. The freewriting he had been doing had morphed into full-fledged rhymes, but that was a secret. "I never let nobody know I did it," he says. But he soon got his courage up. "I started rhyming outside and everybody started telling me, 'You should shop your material.' This is before I even got in the studio."

Banks appeared on local mixtapes, becoming one of the neighborhood's best unsigned rappers. His only competition was a childhood friend named Tony Yayo. One day, Tony, along with another childhood friend who rapped under the name 50 Cent, approached Banks with the idea of becoming a group. If Banks wanted to be down, he could be part of the crew that they were calling G-Unit. Banks was down. "I always felt like if I was to get into doing rap professionally, I wanted to get into it with somebody who was from my neighborhood," he says. "Who better than people who I've known my whole life?"

Fronted by 50 Cent, G-Unit quickly redefined the urban music industry. They produced a series of street albums with original numbers and high-quality artwork, making the discs something more than a bootleg, but not quite an independent release. 50 Cent was soon signed to Shady/Aftermath/Interscope Records and released the instantly classic, record-breaking Get Rich Or Die Tryin', on which Banks was featured. Then came G-Unit's Beg For Mercy, which was still riding high in the top 20 of the Billboard 200 after four months on the shelves. Though these successes allowed Lloyd Banks to tour the world multiple times over, one accomplishment means a bit more than all the rest: Earlier this year, Banks was anointed as 2003's Mixtape Artist Of The Year due to his appearance on G-Unit mixtapes as well as his own Money In The Bank series.

"I take pride in that, 'cause I'm not qualified for an MTV Award or a Vibe Award or a Grammysor any of that yet," says Banks. "I got my name through the mixtapes. That's why people know Lloyd Banks today. That's where it built from. I skipped what a lot of rappers have to go through to get put on. I skipped Making The Band, I skipped [106 & Park's] 'Freestyle Fridays,' the Lyricist Lounge--I skipped all that. I made my name on the mixtapes, on the streets. And that's the hardest thing to get right there."

Despite so many things going his way, Lloyd Banks is not prepared to take it easy. "People will tell me all the time, 'Look at your setup. You're guaranteed to make it.' I get upset when I hear that. Ain't nobody guaranteed nothing. I feel like they're looking at the situation wrong, 'cause I don't take advantage of nobody. I don't work less because you're working harder. I work real, real hard even though I know 50's there. He's there, he supports me 110 percent, but I don't want to put no extra pressure on him when I can do it. At the end of the day, I find myself working twice as hard."

Working twice as hard and still hungry.

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Earner | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/12

Banks is my favorite rapper in d world, his words are like me talking i luv him to d debts its like am living inside of him, but i found myself angry wit him wit d way he is now behaving towards buck my brother frm different mother. He should pls help to resolve d conflict.

Lloyd Banks is the bomb! | Reviewer: j. | 9/18/11

I think what gets me about him is his lips, his smile, and the way he says his "H's". I like how he does his own thing aside from all the others. U wouldn't think it by his lyrics but he is extremely affectionate. I seen't him w/ dis girl 1tym and he was totally hugged up. I wish I could get a guy like that. Totally envious of that girl. N e one would be blessed to have him.

MOTIVATED | Reviewer: lawal Zee | 3/25/11

Ev'thing abt Banks is de real stuff.some rappers talk 2 much when it isn't so.Banks deserves de position he is in right now...he laid low 4 de right time and got it popped dat ev'body heard it across de continents...i'm motivated 2 de core ...cos dat's ma aspirations-becoming a rap artist...i luv u BANKS...

I stay G'd up | Reviewer: Odunze Onwuka | 7/25/09

Whoa!..banks ain't no exception ¡n tha rap hall of fame..Da boi gat rhymes n musiq runnin thru his vein..i luv it whn it sayz itz a protege of 50,inspired by biggie,burns mor than d ziggie,tha real niggaz feel me...dag it..d boi is gd.kp yo shines on banks n put mor moni in tha bank

banks | Reviewer: gloco | 5/1/09

yo b banks is the sickest rapper in the industry me comin up it t dot bakns was the only guy i listened to. in my oppinion, hes the best rapper in g unit although 50 is the most powerfull and the most witty, i think banks is the most hard working. chozin ro ride wit 50 was the best choice cuz that nigga nos how to deal wit buisniss shit banks is the pit of the rotten apple

da suckafree kidd | Reviewer: sammy | 8/8/08

Yo da kidd banks, is da shyt, lyrically no body got shyt on him, his punch lines are rediculous, in 16 bars he rip n e body, I think his only competition is cory gunz, lil is not even on his level, half of lil wayne shit don't make sense, believe or not da only thing da stoppin lloyd banks is 50cent, if he did his shyt independently, he would sell ova 3 million ablums every year...banks flow, will neva b matched b any rappa, he's humble and real, now and dayz, rappa's is wack, makin hip hop dead, soilder boy fuckin suxx, banks is da best rappa in dis generation in mah book...

Lloyd Banks | Reviewer: PlayboyOf08 | 1/9/08

Lloyd Banks Is The Greatest Man Alive. No Doubt Your Dumb If You Think Not.. The Playboy Got Fire And It Was Such a Shame Game Had To Come At Banks Cause Banks Spanked Game Around On Many Mixtapes And Songs.. If Your Favorite Rapper Anit Lloyd You Obviously Dont Listen To Music.. Banks Your The Man In My Hood Lower East Side And Your The Man In General.. Cant Wait Untill Your Next Album So You Can Get The Respect You Deserved Since Day One!

Survival of the Fittest | Reviewer: Mess | 11/8/07

To be like Lloyd B. is to b fit. Standin up on your two feets men, I respect his hustle how he proved him self to da other hood loc' gangstas in the Southside, but things aint the same here in Ethiopia "Playboys paradise"Huhh, I like his biography

my brother u r de best | Reviewer: phemelo | 10/10/07

i aint gonna say much about lloyd!! but the brother is a bomb and if i happen to re-arrenge G-unit lloyd will be the leader not that i have something against 50!!! lloyd is the right person for the leadership role

lyke em so much | Reviewer: udomsfranco_me6@yahoo.com | 9/15/07

banks is phinomenon rapper cuz is a good n cuz d gunit are d best after pac,big,nas,jay z.i love banks cuz is hansome n coolheaded person n tell master 50 to stop beefin game cuz is kid n a betrayal tell to stop snitchin n lyin.mrs banks take good care of em cuz i love LLOYD BANKS N G.UNIT 4 life.

banks | Reviewer: t.brown | 7/7/07

Da boi banks does spit some fire I can't lie... in my opinion he aint of one of fa best n won't b because like pac n BIG dey was born wit da best personalities.. But banks is witout da best mixtapes rappers in da world I respect his hustle 2 da fullest

REAL GANGSTER | Reviewer: JONATHAN | 5/27/07

LLOYD BANK is not just an artist he is a real NIGGA in the unit.Most real BLACKS(THE AFRICA BLACKS) wanna be like him,i',m a livin example.I wish i cud.We all praies the G:UNIT wish them all the best and moreover,i wanna use this opportunity to yu more about 50cent:He is a guy dat most AFRICA wanna c.We call him G UNIT(FOUNDER)

Monroy | Reviewer: Hans Monroy | 5/25/07

aside from his mixtapes, his albums are lyricaly rediculous, since as an artist, he doesnt simply rap about jewels and money all the time...its somethin diffrerent from other artists...his counterpart is lil' wayne...what do you ppl got to say about it???

Best Freestlyer Alive | Reviewer: Ryan Willams | 4/18/07

Banks is the best freestlyer out their no doubt he got mad skills he is the PUNCH LINE KID SHOUT OUT TO MY NIGGA bluE HEF

one of the best | Reviewer: Eva | 2/19/07

to me lloyd banks is the stuff like 4 real!!! hes muh favorite rappa in the hwole g-unit!!! he got it goin on hes a great free-styler n he be comin hard wit dem punchlines....like 4 real he could rlly stand out 2 evryone if he put more cds out at a tyme....cuz all his stuff his str7 fire!!! he culd winn a grammy n a mtv award....but he workin rlly hard n soo hell accomplish it!! plus the bois sexy!! lol but yeaa he one of the best if ya rlly look at it!!

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