Liz Anderson Lyrics

Give Name: Elizabeth Jane Haaby
Date of Birth: March 13, 1930
Place of Birth: Roseau, Minnesota

Marital Status: Casey Anderson (m. 5/26/1946)
Children: Lynn Anderson

Musical Syle: Pop Country
Talents: Singer, Songwriter, Guitar

Recommend Record Albums:
"Liz Anderson Sings" (RCA)(1967) "Cookin’ Up Hits"
(RCA)(1967) "Liz Anderson Sings Her Favorites" (RCA)(1968)
"Like A Merry-Go-Round" (RCA)(1968) "Liz Anderson Country
Style" (RCA)(1969) "If The Creek Don’t Rise" (RCA)(1969)
"Husband Hunting" (RCA)(1970)"

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