Living Legends Albums

  • Crappy Old Shit Album (1/23/2003)
    Here They Come
    Language Song (1997) (featuring The Grouch, PSC, Asop, Eligh & Murs
    Local Talent (1995) (featuring PSC, Asop, Arata, The Grouch & Eligh
    Nowyouno (1997) (featuring PSC, The Grouch, Eligh & Sunspot Jonz)
    Speed Bumps (1996) (featuring PSC, Eligh, The Grouch & Murs)
    Never Miss It (1998) (featuring PSC, The Grouch & Aesop)
    Murs Act A Fool! (1997) (featuring Murs)
    Jealousy '97 (featuring CMA)
    Knowho.U.Are (1997) (featuring Sunspot Jonz, The Grouch & PSC)
    Out Of Your League (1996) (featuring PSC, The Grouch & Eligh)
    Billy Maddison (1997) (featuring Eligh, Murs, Grouch & Aesop)
    Black Sands (1998) (featuring Mystik Journeymen)
    Cliff Notes (1997) (featuring Eligh)
    Tom Bass (1996) (featuring Grouch & PSC)
    GO (1998) (featuring Evanescent, Eligh, Izadoe, Murs & Grouch)
    Vital (1998) (featuring Grouch, PSC, Eligh & Aesop)

  • UHBV Album (10/10/2002)
    Eye For An Eye
    The Web (featuring Eligh & BFAP)
    Millenium (featuring Mystik Journeymen & Trey)
    Plugged In (featuring Luckyiam.PSC)
    The Hole In Me 4track (Beatdie Delite)
    Strike (featuring Equipto, Kirby Dominant & Sunspot)
    Think (featuring Mystik Journeymen & Arata)
    Struggle Continues (featuring Eligh)
    Have'n Fun (featuring Mystik Journeymen)
    Gingivites (Beatdie Delite)
    Slowpoke (featuring Tunz & Destrukto)
    C&C Intro
    What You See (featuring Grouch Matthou & BFAP)
    Y Do U Fake (Beatdie Delite)
    MMmm (featuring BFAP, PSC, Grouch & Scarub)
    Life Is But A Dream
    Lost Grove (Beatdie Delite)

  • Almost Famous Album (10/10/2001)
    Gotta Question For Ya
    Night Prowler (featuring Slug)
    That Looks Good
    Black Glass
    Rabbit Hole
    Common Ground (featuring JC)
    What Would I Be (featuring N8 The GR8 & Krush)
    Anything You Want
    Gift Wrap
    War Games
    Forces Of Nature
    Osaka Tales
    Soap Boxn
    Not Here (featuring Pep Love)
    Nothing Less (featuring Slug)

  • Angelz With Dirty Faces Album (2/22/2001)
    The Controls
    Loose Cannon (featuring Grouch & Sunspot Jonz)
    Telepathy (featuring Pep-Luv, Mystic Journeymen & Bicasso)
    Ego's (featuring Aesop, Eligh & Sunspot Jonz)
    Velocity (featuring Mystic Journeymen)
    Different (featuring Madchild, Moka Only & Sunspot Jonz)
    Moody Bitch (Beatdie Delite)
    Vertigo (featuring Rino "Lamp Eye" & Mystic Journeymen)
    The Truth (featuring Swollen Members)
    Dirty Faces (featuring Sunspot Jonz)
    All The Way (featuring Arata, PSC, & BFAP)
    One-Two (featuring Mystic Journeymen)
    Take A Chance (featuring Lord Takim & Sunspot Jonz)
    Wave The Flag

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