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Living Legends UHBV Album

Last updated: 02/09/2004 08:36:41 PM

Release Date: 10/10/2002
Tracks in UHBV: Eye For An Eye, The Web (featuring Eligh & BFAP), Millenium (featuring Mystik Journeymen & Trey), Plugged In (featuring Luckyiam.PSC), The Hole In Me 4track (Beatdie Delite), Strike (featuring Equipto, Kirby Dominant & Sunspot), Think (featuring Mystik Journeymen & Arata), Struggle Continues (featuring Eligh), Have'n Fun (featuring Mystik Journeymen), Gingivites (Beatdie Delite), Slowpoke (featuring Tunz & Destrukto), C&C Intro, What You See (featuring Grouch Matthou & BFAP), Y Do U Fake (Beatdie Delite), MMmm (featuring BFAP, PSC, Grouch & Scarub), Life Is But A Dream, Lost Grove (Beatdie Delite)

UHBV Album Tracklist