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Gary Allan Livin' Hard Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2007 11:00:00 AM

Woke up this mornin, Still got my buzz from last nights show
A cup of coffee, Ready to go again
Ive got twenty-seven shows in Twenty-seven days,
Playin Junk Yard Guitar, Gettin Paid
Gotta check the set list, To tell ya what state Im in
Go Listen,
Livin Hard is hardly livin
For a Hard Rockin, Road Dog, Rowdy Musician
Rollin Like the Stones, Startin to look like Dylan
Livin Hard is Hardly Livin,
Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo

Im high on the stage, Livin in the spotlight
Airplane, Champagne, Yeah its just what it looks like
Chasin dreams, one song at a time

Well welcome to my world for the next ninety minutes
Ill be barin' my soul for the price of your tickets
And I'll do it all over again, tomorrow night
Chorus Twice:

Its Hardly Livin, Woo Hoo
Yeah, Its Hardly livin
Rollin Like the Stones, Start to look like Dylan
Wow,Wow, Are you alright?
Yeah Listen, Livin hard is hardly livin
Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo

Livin Hard is hardly Livin

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