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You'd think that after almost a year of non-stop touring on
their last opus, The Distance To Here, Ed Kowalczyk, Chad
Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey would be ready
for a little R& R. Not so. Fresh off a world tour, the
group that calls itself LIVE still forgo time off to
hunker down at a Los Angeles recording studio. Three and a
half weeks later they emerge with a near-finished record.

Kowalczyk explains further, The Distance to Here world
tour was just an
unbelievable experience. That record is just so uplifting More...

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Review about Live songs
Smelly balls | Reviewer: Turket butt
    ------ About the song Lightning Crashes performed by Live

This song is about turd balls,the great struggle between who stretched the butthole more during exit,the little turds have no chance against the large really smelly ones, so they eventually just sink to the bottom,never more to be sniffed,,its truly a sad thing.

breathtaking | Reviewer: tracy
    ------ About the song Dolphins Cry performed by Live

This is one of the most breathtaking powerful songs i know. the lyrics are beautiful and his voice is just mesmerizing. it pulls u in and i just want to be the one wrapping my legs around him. absolutely love it!

Overcome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Overcome performed by Live

To so humbly stand before God and say "IM OVERCOME" is such a tough thing to do in todays world. Bravo!! God truely does work in our lives and when we open our eyes and our is overwhelming and wonderful at the same time :)

Kayne's "come back" song | Reviewer: Taylor :]
    ------ About the song Run Away performed by Live

okay i thought that this was supposed to be a song the told Taylor that he were sorry for the things that you said to her on the last "vma's" well guess not. Kayne seems not to care that he hurt Taylor... I would be ashamed. You cant even say "im sorry" Taylor Swift was right i guess 31 is still growing up. I think that Kayne should grow some balls and say that he was wrong!!! Thats all for now :)

I believe.. By melissa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Heaven performed by Live

Wen my lil angel was b0rn she was sick n in icu 4 2 wks. She almst died n i was broken. Every nite wen going h0me 4rm da h0spital dis s0ng wud play n it gave me h0pe... My angel is n0w 6 and healthy makin m0mmy go mad. I love my michaela 2much 4 n0w til da day after 4eva! Melissa

Greatest tune ever! | Reviewer: David Beresford
    ------ About the song Dolphins Cry performed by Live

This song has been dedicated to me by the most wonderful girl in the world! And although I am not with her at the moment, the stars are my eyes which watch over her and keep her safe whilst the suns rays send all the love in my heart to her xxx Love You ma lil angel xxx

Ahh... good old York | Reviewer: Nichole
    ------ About the song Shit Towne performed by Live

While I can say that this song can be about anywhere, knowing that Live was from York, I can agree. I used to live about a stone's throw from the ghetto, and this song couldn't be anymore true. Although the crackheads lived next door and ran a prostitution ring.

York is awesome. Thank you Live for capturing it perfectly.

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Lightning Crashes performed by Live

I like this song a lot,even though my boyfriend freaked out when I wanted to listen to it,because what it was about,I never really paid much attention to the lyrics before, now I know what it is about. It's a really good song though.

Crossroads | Reviewer: Hall
    ------ About the song Lightning Crashes performed by Live

This song changed my life. Because of this song I was able to get through the roughest part of my pre-teen and teen life of loosing someone I loved very much. Each time I listened to this song - this WHOLE album - it made me cry, made me angry and happy. The whole album is definitely the soundtrack to my early teen life and I still get teary eyed when I hear this song - and feel the rage of emotions when I put the cd in!

my death | Reviewer: jordan
    ------ About the song Lightning Crashes performed by Live

i was a senior troubleshooter for the navy i had 6 people working under my comand there was a problem with the last aircraft to leave before flightss were secured it was in the ahars sys me being the electrical troubleshooter and lead man for the team was called to fix the problem as soon as i entered the aircraft i saw the globes on both piliot and copiliot pointine sky high that ment the 1084 gyro was bad i knew this imedatly had ordered another gyro shut down the one in the aircraft to hwve time to wind down their was only 5 min left befor flights were restricted to depart the pilot rushed me to fix it and wanted me on the flight to the aircraft carrier this was during desert storm i did not want to go but my teammember wanted to go i told the piliot i did not want to go but my airman had never been on a flight and wanted to go hesently he agreed to my request .
they made it to the carrier but after takeoff the last radieo from hm16 was more power more power i know what happened they never put the other two engines on line befor take off the helo crashed killing alll my friends ..
the guilt will never leave me alone alowing another comate to take my place
this song is my life long remerbrance to this event......

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