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Statik Selektah Live From the Era Lyrics

Last updated: 07/04/2013 07:49:49 PM

I got one let and she say she with it
I grab the dutch and I split it, legs over nigga, I hit it
The intro, the bitch won’t forget it
Wake up tomorrow, that big daddy
But you shameless
Don’t know such a hoe, tryna fuck someone that’s famous
But we know how the game is
Don’t hate them cuz nigga that’s playin
For me to bring up
Oh shit home girl but I’m just sayin
You love the fast life
Roll all that weed and all that white
Got all that purp, got all that Sprite
But you feel like someone important or something
Bills past due, you here frontin
But she do weed up, girl you stuntin
She flex it up cuz we showin up
On my dick cuz we blowin up
They notice us, same old but they showin up
Kick my jacket and blow it up
Used to get rejected when I texted
Now these hoes is scoutin, I’m projected
Number one in the drive, countin tabs, goin hard
Fuck a cab bitch, I got you on the metro card

It’s like niggas get addicted into this bitch
Too many ladies tryin to have a baby all for this kid
I’m not kiddin, tell by the way I wrap it up
Sometimes fact is fuck it, they note until the glasses bust
Why you actin tough? You like a fuckin shellfish
Hard on the outside but you soft on the skeleton
Somebody go help it out, pull from spanking, exhaustin
By then I’ll cry for another night
By that time the elephant, my alister, my dooby thing
Yea she got a nice square but her booty is shit
We done shade fluxes on that ready took
80 kush the honoral when she showed me what she learned from books
Look, I don’t play around with people children
I could sell these niggas blanks, and they told me they don’t feel em
Feel me? You supposed to, you must think you fly
That couch move, don’t you?
Then come and let me coach you
Fuck old dude, he old news, older shoes
And I’m old enough so tell me that old excuse
She said old enough to know the rules
After each crew and yea we through
Come here, let me show and prove

Tryna find the 12 jews in life
Champagne night, shots on moi and I saw, I see you approach site
I’m tuned into role, cloud high is bitter
Waging wars in your area, we breaking sound barriers
Like bear, how I’m supposed to feel on a million?
Simple geometry, coming from the first millennium
For the millionth time I’m on the road to fame
How I’m supposed to be tamed? A black boy get into chronicles
And came the old man’s pain from a fast life of gain
One shot is illegal man, I’m shootin for dreams
I gotta make it my reality
Betty at my salary, them haters response is how outside are we
Thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind

You’re here to spot the accuracy that I pack with me
Leave the house from sheets
Feelin like after I run they stuck with half of me
Release the factualies well right from factually
These guys can’t scribe the camel these lines
Better make these weapons, now see ancients flow like avichu
But either these can’t never see how to paddle me
Cuz once I demonstrate the way to regulate levels
Rate them a graphically, gradually and a graduate before my first a grand estate
Cuz once you eatin steakes it seem like snakes gonna wanna rob a plane
So they know what’s to say on my play for BM once they rich
It’s simple when you progress with the steps of an elevator
Then I elevate your mind state to when say trust
Even a detour cannot keep up when all my shit talk

You know why I fuck em duck em never love em
I bust another fully
Now they frontin so they stuntin but never all for nothing
Like show me why you bluffin, my heart cold when I bust in
So don’t be makin assumptions, I take pride in my questions
So what you sayin? They want me
They show er and they told me
But if she hot as hell I know they won’t get money
Never catchin and slippin, I slipped in-between her thighs
And lookin from a distance I bet you gon see me try
They said if it wasn’t for rappin you won’t be here bragging
Fuckin feelings they should happen, I’ve been forever mackin
These bros and mad chicks, I’d rather yell since
Pass it to the po with the assets, just get yo ass here

They represent, I’d rather give, I represent
What’s not to get? And one’s resent but in the style allow my head
I represent, won’t understand what the method is
Remember this, I’m reppin this
Alexis sexting sexing yous with estrogen
So legs must hit, don’t need a loss, I’m throwin that need, I’m catchin feelings
Price I pay for your attention use of some live messages
Let’s get the situation, you and I could make the messages
Then cha ching, do in the world, we makin it, we on the blast up
This magnum on me got me feelin like it’s army
And this 50 got me feelin clean
You too a while, I think you stop
I stuck up a branch truck, call my banker Rup
Tell em they fowl for tryin to file for bankruptcy
Until the handcuff me, this music can’t be released
It was a crime, it can’t be free
Killin it, it’s tracks to seize
Labors don’t have the meaning only to clash repeat
And being greedy and needy when they ask for the piece, you know what I mean

Most incredible
Pro Era!