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Little River Band Biography

Last updated: 03/17/2009 12:00:00 PM

In 2003, Little River Band celebrates its twenty-eight year as an enduring musical icon. During that time they have had ten top-ten hits in the US charts, and have sold over twenty million albums worldwide.

Little River Band is proud to introduce their new live CD, "One Night In Mississippi". It features fourteen songs, including nine of their biggest hits and includes songs from their last studio album, "Where We Started From".

The live CD came about almost by accident. A new version of "The Night Owls" was to be recorded for a compilation CD intended to raise funds for charity. The band decided that as long as the tapes were rolling, why not record the entire evening's performance. After hearing the tapes back, everyone in the band agreed that the excitement of LRB live had been captured.

"We've always upheld a high standard of excellence when we take the stage", says bass player and lead vocalist Wayne Nelson. "The band just seems to get better with age", echoes lead guitarist Stephen Housden. "After being in the band over 20 years we are both having more fun onstage than ever".

Rounding out the band are drummer Kevin Murphy, Glenn Reither on keyboards and sax, and Greg Hind on guitar. All are part of that rare breed of musicians who achieve simultaneous excellence with instrumental and vocal skills. LRB has always been acclaimed for its vocal excellence, and this recording is proof of that.

Little River Band continues to excite audiences all over the world. If you've seen them perform, you'll want to have this CD in your collection. If you haven't, this CD will change your mind about what a great band should sound like live