Little Mix Albums

  • Salute Album (11/19/2013)
    Little Me
    Nothing Feels Like You
    These Four Walls
    About The Boy
    Good Enough
    Mr Loverboy
    A Different Beat
    Bonus Tracks
    See Me Now
    They Just Don't Know You
    Stand Down
    Une Autre Personne

  • DNA Album (11/19/2012)
    Change Your Life
    Always Be Together
    Stereo Soldier
    Pretend It's OK
    Turn Your Face
    We Are Who We Are
    How Ya Doin'?
    Red Planet
    Going Nowhere
    Bonus Tracks
    We Are Young (Acoustic)
    Love Drunk
    Make You Believe
    Case Closed

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    Reviews about Little Mix albums
    Love the little mix | Reviewer: Carole Bachnak
        ------ About the album DNA performed by Little Mix

    Little mix,I love you so much!!!!
    The first album:''DNA'' had a lot of success.But the second:''SALUTE'' was better.
    My favorite song in the album:''SALUTE'' is the single:''MOVE''.
    When I heard this song for the first time,I flied! I'm not kidding!This is seriously!!!!This song will move you and will take you to an another world!
    This is too *FANTASTIC!*
    To all people who never listened to this song,I think you should listening to it.Not one time!But two and three.
    I can't count how many time I listened to it.
    Don't be 'LATE,and listen now to it a lot of times!
    I'm sure you'll just *LOVE IT*.

    WONDERFUL | Reviewer: Blue Rae
        ------ About the album DNA performed by Little Mix

    Okay so this album is amazing. Even if you don't like the lyrics (which are all well thought out and beautifully done) these girls sound like angels. Literally. They do the angel thing and all. This album is awesome!

    LOVE IT | Reviewer: Tiki
        ------ About the album DNA performed by Little Mix

    I love Little Mix. I absolutely loved this album by them. My faves have to be Going Nowhere and Madhouse... And Stereo Soldier, and change your life, and dna and basically all of them!

    DNA (Little Mix Album) | Reviewer: LittleMixer
        ------ About the album DNA performed by Little Mix

    Ok. This album is the best! I mean, this girls are really the greatest girl-band that ever won the X-Factor and I hope that they'll have more songs and projects to come. My favorite song from this album is DNA because I can really relate to the song except that my crush doesn't kiss me or anything, we're just friends.

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