Little Jimmy Dickens Lyrics

(Singer, Songwriter, Guitar)

  • Given Name: James Cecil Dickens
  • Date of Birth: December 19, 1920
  • Place of Birth: Bolt, Raleigh County, West Virginia
  • Married: 1. Connie (div.), 2. Ernestine (dec’d.), 3.
  • Children: Pamela Jean (adopted), Lisa (Mona’s

    Recognized for his strong voice and small physical stature,
    Little Jimmy Dickens skyrocketed to fame in 1949 and 1950
    with a string of novelty and "heart" songs on Columbia

    Raised in a musical environment, Jimmy dreamed of being a More...

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    Review about Little Jimmy Dickens songs

    Memorys | Reviewer: Greg
        ------ About the song Take an Old Cold Tater (And Wait) performed by Little Jimmy Dickens

    My Pastor called and asked if I knew this song and if I could do it for her as part of the Sermon. I told her I didn't but I'd look it up and go from there. 1st I found it on YouTube and man it sounded familiar. I looked on the side bar and there was another song, Waitress Waitress that Little Jimmy Dickens had done. That popped a memory. When I was 7 or 8 years old, 59 now, I was at my Aunt Claribels' and got into her old 78s. I played Waitress Waitress and other Jimmy Dickens songs until she made me quit. Said I was driving her nuts. It was the first time I played something over and over so I could learn it.

    Anyways enough of the anecdote. I kinda follow what Earl Monroe said about singing Bluegrass. You gotta pitch it right. You need to be right at your falsetto to make it sound right. For me G is just too low. I also change the 5 chord to a 7th. I capo to the 2nd fret, sometimes 3rd if I'm in real good voice, and do the song in D or Eb. It makes it easy for me to play it more in the Carter Style (alternating bass) as I use a full 6 string C, F, and G7 chord. I haven't worked out the instrumental yet and probably won't because of time constrictions. But one thing about this eras music, especially guitar, it was for the most part fairly simple. This was when guitar was just emerging as a lead style instrument. Prior it was mainly used for accompaniment unless you were Classical.

    no copyright date | Reviewer: David E Wunsch
        ------ About the song Butterbeans performed by Little Jimmy Dickens

    Please show the copyright date for each set of lyrics. dew

    Review of Take an Old Cold Tater and wait | Reviewer: Diane Crawford
        ------ About the song Take an Old Cold Tater (And Wait) performed by Little Jimmy Dickens

    This is a song my Dad loved to sing since he was born in 1930 during the depression and times were hard but he loved to laugh about it! I think anyone who farmed or was born on a farm during the depression will appreciate this song.

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