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Emery Listening To Freddie Mercury Lyrics

Last updated: 08/14/2011 11:00:00 AM

Every once in a while I think I'm lying.
Take it to the bank. I believe every word I say.
(This just isn't how, this just isn't how)
Then again this is when you start your prying.
(This just isn't how, this just isn't how)
But there's a thought it could be true.
But this just isn't how I imagined it would be.
With these random people just asking the most personal things.
And to think that somehow I could always come clean.
And you shake your head just like you know what I mean.

You're a Christian tell the sinner
find repentance it's your last chance.
You believer, where's your patience?
Answer questions, put on faces.

(What about God?) To see if it's right or wrong
(What about God?) to listen to this song.
(What about God?) I don't want you too.
(What does it mean?) And see if you're okay
(What does it mean?) with all the words I say.
(For you, for me.) It can't be this way.
(All have fallen short)

Somehow, someone's more equal than others.
Depending on the words we choose to say.
A glance at her too long tonight.
But everything I am saying's right in your ears.

We are all the sisters and the brothers.
Until we find we don't believe the same, like...

Gary is getting drunk to forget Sarah.
Sarah is stealing money from her parents.
Aaron is lying straight to Jon.
About Megan and the things that went on.
Jessica is a gossip, Laura is a slut.
Derrick hits Bridget and Ben deals drugs.
Seth spends all his money gambling.
Joey stopped praying.

It's all the same.
We are all the same people.
With sinning hearts that make us equal.

Here is my hand, not words said desperately.
It's not our job to make anyone believe.

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How I as a deeply devoted Servant to God see this song. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/11

You can all have your own views. I know no one will ever see the day everyone agrees. But I see is as him saying so many "Christians" are foolish, impatient, rude, mean, angry. All these for no reason. So many "Christians" say they are in fact Christian because they go to church or, because they do the right things. That won't get you to heaven. Glorifying God in everything you do will. God sent His son. HIS SON!!! To die for you. All of you. And all he wants is for you to spread His name and give Him Glory. I'm not sure but if I was Athieist and someone told me that I would certainly change me veiw. I leave you with this. Be happy ,If you live in America at least, That you live where you have a choice on what Religion you have. Cuz in many places, if you don't follow what they believe you are shot, or locked up. I know why I believe in what I do. Do you?

all god's people | Reviewer: Tommy, can you hear me? | 4/18/10


I just would like to Comment on the Freddie Mercury aspect of this. Txpx: I don't think the fact that Freddie Mercury was gay had anything to do with anything. And the fact that it was mentioned is bull. Honestly that shouldn't make a difference. I am personally not gay and I do believe in God. And I just find when Christians mention someone being gay, it is mentioned connotatively and the gay person is seen as a sinner who is going to hell. Being gay is not something that people wake up one day and decide they are going to do and I really don't think that God would make people only to damn them to hell. That is just something that bugs me when people mention Freddie Mercury. Instead of mentioning how amazing his voice was, his great stage presence, or something like the fact that the Video for Bohemian Rhapsody was on of the first modern music videos, they talk about his sex life. His sexual preference has absolutely nothing to do with music. Good job, when talking about an Emery song that talks about not passing judgement, your Freudian slip opened the floodgates of your judgement on gay people. One word, so simple. Sorry if that is sounding mean, just felt like it should be said.

You want to hear music that will save your soul?

Listen to Queen's older albums with headphones on and hear the amount of work that went into each song. Listen to the layering and harmonies and listen to the drums, base and guitar and piano. I guarantee you have never heard anything like it. Queen I, Queen II, A Day At The Races, A Night At The Opera... They also wrote a bunch of songs about God. Like 'Mad the Swine' or 'Jesus.' Looking for newer inspiration, listen to 'All God's People' from the album 'Innuendo.'

Want a tear jerker? Listen to "Is this the World We Created?." Freddie Mercury's voice has the ability to make you cry. No joke.

Sorry if I sounded angry.

Oh and a little fun fact, on the back of the "Jazz" album, referencing the thunder heard at the end of the song 'Dead on Time,' it is written "Thunderbolt Courtesy of God."

* * *

"Then came a man before His feet he fell
Unclean said the leper and rang his bell
Felt the palm of a hand touch his head
Go now go now you're a new man instead"

OMG! i <3 this song | Reviewer: Ana | 11/13/09

This song is about what people believe, not just the christians but everybody. It's saying that we can't tell anyone what to believe and everyone sins. No matter what you believe and what God/goddes' you follow, if any you don't have the right to treat others differently because they don't believe the same as you. At the end of the song it says "We are all the same people
With sinning hearts that make us equal
Here's my hand, not words said desperately
It's not our job to make anyone believe" which in my opinion means that we need to act in peace with one another and not judge people. people are always going to be treated differently depending on what religion we are or our skin colours, but we all need to do what we can to stop this, to treat everyone with equal rights.!

a few clarifications | Reviewer: | 4/8/09

I am a Christian, but i agree and disagree with several things that have been said. For one, Emery actually ISN'T a "Christian band," they're just a really great band whose members are Christians. And naturally, their beliefs come out in their music. HOWEVER, just because a Christian paints a picture of an apple, that picture is not a Christian painting.
Also, as a side note, Tooth and Nail Records isn't really a Christian label either, for the same reasons.
And to Ray and others... The song is most definitely about Christians. It's a challenge to us to stop being so judgmental and love people like we're supposed to. It pretty much tells us that we need to stop being a bunch of self-righteous pricks and realize that we're no better than anyone else, and that what we have was GIVEN, not earned, and SURELY not deserved, and we should give that unconditional love to others. Not "words said desperately."
And to Ray specifically: My faith has been challenged more times than I can count with strands of hair on my head--many of these times by MYSELF. And yet through it all I haven't "dump[ed] [my] lil 'religion' to the side like trash." Although this is through no strength of my own, I think you must've (like me, actually) had some bad experience with "christians." lol

if you wanna email me, put EMERY as the subject so i don't delete it.

Wow really "aaa" | Reviewer: Kevin | 1/30/09

Okay I want to point out the fact that emery is a Christian band with a Christian lable! So ha all of u that think that emery is not Christian. I also would like to voice my opinion on the song. I believe that emery rights about how every one has issues and that under gods mighty power we are all saved and "we are all the same" "it's not our job to make anyone believe" I think these two lines sum up the statment they are making in this song by cindersicting what truth is saying when god created mad to save others and be disiples of Christ please let me know how you feel in an email or on this wall buy this is only my opinion...


I love this song. | Reviewer: Alexes | 11/19/08

To me, this song is about not being so judgemental of others. It's essentially saying that we don't need to highlight people's sins multiple times to try and save them, but instead to reach out our hands and let them know we're here for them. "Here's my hand, not words said desperately." I know a lot of Christians that throw peoples sins at them in desperation to save them. I used to be one of them until I heard this song. "It's not our job to MAKE anyone believe." God told us to spread the word, not to force people into Christianity.

This song is essentially how we're no better than anyone else on this planet. We're all sinners, and that with mere words, some try to elevate themselves over others.

As for those who are no longer fans of Emery due to the Christian nature of this song, that's ridiculous. To me, this song is very anti-Christian, not in the sense that it's not about God, and that they aren't all lovers of Christ, but that they're downing a lot of the practices associated with Christianity. Please look at the lyrics a little more before you do that.

for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God... | Reviewer: lindsey | 11/2/08

I personally love this song. the begining talks about how sometimes you don't have all the answers people want about your religion, and the end talks about how we've all screwed up and that nobody's better than anyone else. i liked what it said at the end, about how it's our job to love people first, and then tell them about jesus. forcing them to believe is not our job, but informing them (in a nice, not an ''eternal salvation or eternal damnation'' way) is.

Too funny... | Reviewer: Ray... | 10/24/08

I really took the time to try and decipher the song as thouroughly as possible. Well, in my opinion at least...
And what they're saying (in my opinion) is that... "we're all the same, but what one does or says or believes in makes us look at them differently."
That summarizes it. If you really want to take the time to read what I think they're saying, here...

"You’re Christian. Tell the “sinner” his wrongs to “save” him. It’s your last chance before you lose them.
Believer, you don’t seem like you want to. You can’t even answer these questions asked of your religion.
Where’s god? Does this mean he doesn’t care?
And for us Christians, where is god for us?
No one has yet reached “his” expectations.
He says we’re all equal, but in our own world, some are better than others from their actions.
We all get along together, until we find out our beliefs differ.
Everyone “sins”, but it‘s all the same.
We’re all the same, because our actions may differ, but they’re still all “sins”.
We can be here to “save” you, but it‘s not our intention.
We‘re not here to convert you, we don‘t sing to praise our beliefs. We do what we do, nothing else."

I know Emery is Christian. They're not a "christian band", which is why I still listen to them. They NEVER bring up their religion in any or their songs, so why should I care that they're religion? All they're doing in this song is saying the stereotype of most christians. They hang on until their beliefs are questioned. Then they dump their lil religion to the side like trash. Simple enough.

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Rene' | 2/5/08

to those who dont do you not agree with what they are saying??
Freddy mercury is awesome and soo is queen. i love emery. they are true believers. and the words mean soo much. no one means more to god than anyone we are all equal.

Cool Song | Reviewer: txpx | 2/1/08

I have really been struggling with some of the things going on nationwide in the Episcopal church where I am a member. This song really helped me to understand that we all have our problems and sins and to just love each other anyway. Oh and by the way it is called Listening to Freddie Mercury because Freddie Mercury from Queen was gay and the lead singer of Emery who grew up Christian liked Queen and God used the music of Queen to inspire him to become a musician, so God used someone who believed completely differntly from him to put him where he is today. That's what they said when I saw them in concert.