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Marty Willson-Piper Listen/Space Lyrics

Last updated: 10/24/2001 01:35:23 AM

I am certain of a thousand
I know nothing of a million
The silence will eventually ring
Just listen, Just listen.
Instead of throwing your hands
in the air
In your most amazing way
I will promise to be like
this too
Just listen, Just listen
And I won't be afraid
No, I won't be afraid

The quality of being with you
is rich
The ability of working things
out is rare
The wonders of two new
worlds who meet
Everything is in space
Everything is in space

A thousand reasons why you
can't hide
In places with a brilliant
In everything there's always
a slide
Just listen, Just listen

I've doubled back to test
the door
To borrow each other's life
You must let go to gather more
Just listen, just listen.