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Lisa Jane Stansfield was born in Manchester on April 11th
1966. Her family moved to Heywood, then to Rochdale at age
11. Lisa has an elder sister, Karen, and a younger sister,
Suzanne. Lisa's style is one of soul, jazz, and dance
music. She admits that her mother's playing of Diana Ross
and the Supremes was her first musical influence, with her
idols being Barry White and Marvin Gaye. At the age of 14,
she entered a talent contest sponsored by The Manchester
Evening News. It was at a club - The Talk Of The Town -
where she won a More...

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Review about Lisa Stansfield songs
A Beautiful Love Song! | Reviewer: Navjot
    ------ About the song In All The Right Places performed by Lisa Stansfield

I rate this song 10/10 stars! Its a beautiful love song. I dedicate it to my love, Sukriti :^)
I think I heard this song in the soundtrack of Indecent Proposal, starring Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson! Lovely movie with awesome soundtrack! Robert Redford does a superb job!

These are the days of our lives | Reviewer: paul
    ------ About the song These Are The Days Of Our Lives performed by Lisa Stansfield

THE REST OF MY LIFE "SEEMS" JUST A SHOW. (I think it´s ok),in the eighth sentence, on the first paragraph.I would change,after i heared the voice of George Michael singing it. Thank you.

right on | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song All Woman performed by Lisa Stansfield

I loved this song from the day that it came out up until now. Lisa gave me so much encouragement. when the song came out I was going through what Lisa was singing about. I felt like when I heard the son, that she wrote it for myself and other women who were being abused in relationships. When I saw the video I cried. Today when I hear the song my heart still yearns for the man that I used to know. I have since left that relationship and am now trying to move on after all of that time. I love all of her records. she has a special gift.

Undiscovered Gem | Reviewer: mark vicary
    ------ About the song Say It To Me Now performed by Lisa Stansfield

I have always been a fan of Lisa, since the early days of Coldcut, to the dizzing heights of All Around the World, and thought that i'd heard her best stuff.......
however, after buying a copy of "Produced by Trevor Horn", i realised i was wrong.
Quietly buried between all the well known stuff that he has been responsible for i found this unknown little gem. Something new by Lisa Stansfield that i had never heard? A song i knew nothing about?
I couldn't wait to hear and WOW, was it ever worth the wait!!!
Starting quietly and subtly-making you stop and really listen, then gradually building to that tremendous, heartfelt, passionate chorus.
Has her voice ever sounded better?- i don't think so.Does it make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up-God yes. And does it almost bring tears to your eyes when that pleading soaring voice begs you to "Say it to me now"? How can it not?
Lisa, i salute you- i know that it is a wonderful song, but i very much doubt there is anyone else that could bring so much depth, passion and guts to it.
My life is richer for knowing and loving this song.
Thank you

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