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Lisa Hannigan Biography

Last updated: 12/05/2012 04:24:39 PM

Hello, I am a singer. I often hum away without realising it until I get funny looks on camden street. I'm good at roasting potatoes and sewing on buttons, but not good at voice mails and competitive sports. I get a little rush of excitement when i pass through airport security without beeping. I only recently realised that pipe cleaners are used for cleaning pipes and not making lopsided farm animals out of. I love a good festival, and would happily live at the electric picnic if Bren Berry would let me (and keep the pie shop open). I am very bad at all things computer related so my best friend Una is keeping the keys to this site (She has a terrible sense of direction but is brilliant at everything else, especially voice mails). We'll be putting up bits and bobs over the next few months, some live songs and demos. I'm in the middle of making my first record and I want it to come out as soon as possible so I can sing in venues more socially acceptable than superquinn and the luas station. NOTE: Album Finished!!