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Muse Liquid State Lyrics

Last updated: 09/26/2013 02:41:54 PM

Take me for a ride
Break me up and steal what’s left inside
And hope and pray iniquity
has died inside and left a scar

I’m on red alert
Bring me peace and wash away my dirt
Spin me round and help
Me to divert and walk into the light

Warm my heart tonight
And hold my head up high
And help me to survive

Kick me when I’m down
Feed me poison, fill me till I drown
Wake me up before I get
Pushed out and fall into the night

Warm my heart tonight
(Force me to lose control)
Hold my head up high
(Watch as I lose my soul)
Help me to survive
(Push me until I fall)
Thanks to Derrick for submitting Liquid State Lyrics.
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