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Avenged Sevenfold Lips Of Deceit Lyrics

Last updated: 11/06/2012 10:33:16 AM

The mark I breathe on you.
It’s tearing through your soul.
The breath I waste.
Losing control.
I bleed in pain.
Testing what I know.
Lips soaked in deceit.
Pull me from here.
No one’s innocent.
So why do I feel bad?
But guilt keeps creeping, creeping up on me.
Guilt. Tearing me up inside.
The innocent.
An evil in disguise.
The face of beauty to fall for.
I fall to my knees, deceitful.
Brought down by feelings of regret.
Again your mind has failed the test.
Not everyone feels the same.
Pacifist blinded by the game.
Stand tall. They’ll break your heart.
Stand tall. They’ll smash your ego.
Stand tall. They’ll tear you down.
Stand tall. Scar your soul.
Break your thought.
Fuck your mind.
The mark I breathe on you.
It’s burning through your soul.
The breath I waste.
Losing control.
I bleed in pain.
Testing what I know.
Lips soaked in deceit.
Pull me from this hole.

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foreign language about such a great song | Reviewer: unholy doppelganger | 11/6/12

Erstaunlich Lied. Die Band wird niemals alt. Und ein paar Informationen für alle, die über die im Kampf sind, ist ein größerer Fan: syn war nicht in a7x in diesem Album. Nur zu sagen. Let's see if you can translate that. A7x foREVer.

syn is original | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/11

If u check out the wikipedia for Avenged Sevenfold it will say that synyster gates zacky vengeance matt shadows and the rev are the original members a7x wasn't official until 2002 when they were signed by hopeless records good life recordings is their own label synyster is an original member nd a7x has been active since 1999 nd formed by matt shadows so if u are going to say tht syn wasn't with them from the start then the only one tht has been there from the start

dude. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/11


This song is awesome, the guitar playing at the beginning sounds like it could walk hand in hand with an apocalypse or the end of the world and then it explodes into a blizzard of what I call Music unlike that thingy temper bloke

zacky plays the start | Reviewer: hannah | 7/13/10

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet is the debut album by Avenged Sevenfold, released in 2001 on Good Life Recordings, and subsequently re-released by Hopeless Records on March 19, 2002, featuring slightly different cover art. The reissue also added the track "To End the Rapture (Heavy Metal Version)", which was previously only found on the Warmness on the Soul EP, and featured the band's new guitarist, Synyster Gates, who would go on to appear on every other Avenged Sevenfold release. As of 2008 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet has sold 200,000 copies worldwide. The album was released when the band members were 20 years old. [1]

A Real Song Review | Reviewer: Lily | 8/29/09

Now if only you could understand them in the song.

The way he sings it really compliment the lyrics, but if he is going to sing that way, he needs to work on his diction so people can understand what he is trying to tell you.

I do like a couple of songs by Avenged Sevenfold, and I may discover more songs by them that I will also like. Again, I love the lyrics, and I also love the instruments behind the vocals, but to actually love the song itself, I would need to understand him while he sings.

... | Reviewer: Dom Zombie | 4/2/09

Who cares who played the guitar on the song, or the whole cd. u guys are all trying to prove who the bigger fan is.

idk shit about the band except that Sounding The Seventh Trumpet is the only cd ive liked by them. The song is good and catchy, idgaf who played on it. The band has a cool sound that they collectively produced.

Awesome | Reviewer: Eskew | 2/10/08

This song is perfect in everyway...

and if you look in the booklet for Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, it lists "Guitar: Zacky Vengance". If you read the back, it tells you Synyster Gates was featured on To End the Rapture, but didnt appear in any other song. The original Sounding the Seventh was released and then when they got a major record label they released it and included To End the Rapture, since they had a new guitarist added in...

And you call yourselves fans...

Great song... | Reviewer: Eric | 1/8/08

great song, one of the bests <3


syn has always been witht hem form the satrt of the album, at least. They had another guitarist but he didnt make this album witht hem.

Johnny christ wasnt in this album maybe your thinking of him....

Hey | Reviewer: queen akasha | 11/10/07

this song is my favorite song of Avenged Sevenfolds. the lyrics are pretty dark - which is what i like - and the song is fast paced. A7X FOREVER! LOL.
AND BTW syn gates wasnt in A7X from the start. Watch all excess.

yo, dude | Reviewer: rob2 | 11/6/07

i was talking about the guitar part in the beginning of this song.

and gates has always been there. do your research.

? | Reviewer: Leetonidas | 10/20/07

What the hell are you talking about "where is the lead guitar?"

This was their first album, before Synyster Gates joined them.

OOOO Soo close | Reviewer: rob | 8/25/07

What happened to that lead guitar? That was probably the best guitar part I've heard in my life. I think that will be forever known as A7X's biggest mistake.

wicked! | Reviewer: StefStrife | 4/3/07

A7X rocks! i have all their albums and I love them all, even though sounding the 7th trumpet is my fav outta the 3 (but i think city of evil is the most musically creative). lips of deceit has always been one of my favs by them. i love the way shadows screams in this song and the lyrics are pretty sweet too if you read them while listening to the song. its nice and fast-paced which i like. anyways i hope avenged sevenfold keep making great music! A7X for life!