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BORN: June 20, 1949, Tuskegee, AL

You can comb the incredible statistics surrounding Lionel
Richie's amazing career and still miss something. You can
factor in the nearly 60 million albums sold, the five
Grammy's, twenty two top ten hits, an Oscar for best song,
a golden globe, a treasure chest of People's choice and
American Music Awards too numerous to count, and a
discography of albums and singles that navigate an
emotional landscape that only few writer/performers have
ever truly captured-- and still not see what may be the key More...

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Review about Lionel Richie songs
Did I do all? | Reviewer: Ken
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

I lost my immediate sister some years back. She died in the house and till now I still wonder could I have done more, did I do all I know to do. Its long now but I still feel the pain. Everytime I listen to this sond it goes dipper than head. Indeed its not easy to say GOODBYE

Hello | Reviewer: Noble
    ------ About the song Hello performed by Lionel Richie

Wow is indeed a great song sang by dis young man.i cry everytime i listen to dis song d lyrics is exactly wat kills me from inside! Hope to be in luv someday wit d one who can sing dis song wit me as we shed d tears of luv.

Ballerina girl | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Ballerina Girl performed by Lionel Richie

Lionel richie,u make my hrt & friendship a sucessful one,when i had a little misunderstand with my boyfriend,and he hurt me so much to the extend i told him dat i dnt want him again,he cry & sang dis song for me it really touch my & i forgive him. So thank u so much lionel richie for dis lovely & seducing song.

Will Aways Love You | Reviewer: Kenneth Christian
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

I Have a friend 4 years ago, She is a close person to me, we shear so many good and bad memories, but we fall apart some month ago, I don't think we will ever come back again. But will aways love her. Abby love u

For my Husband | Reviewer: Sue
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

I lost my husband on his 57th birthday to ALS-Lou Gehrig's Disease- June 14, 2009. He was an amazing man. So this song has touched my heart and I will always treasure it. We have been married for 38 years. Thank you for these lyrics.

Lost daughter | Reviewer: Agnes
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

14/12 /2012 Glasgow Lional Ritchie concert this song was sang at the concert sadly my daughter for some reason has fallen out with me , we were so close and it's breaking my heart Lional sang this song and the tears just rolled down my face I just pray some day to have her back. Thanks Lional for a wonderful night . Agnes

Losing our dear Sarah | Reviewer: Grandma Connie
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

I have quite a number of Lionel Richie albums and I have loved so many of his songs and duets. However, when I heard "Goodbye" after our precious granddaughter Sarah died at the age of 16 after a horrific battle with AML Leukemia, I have felt it touch my heart like no other song. I have cried many tears while listening to the melodic words and yet I also find it soothing. She has been gone from us just over a year but I know the words and melody will be a part of my life until I meet her once more.

In memory of my wonderful husband 'Joe' | Reviewer: Connie
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

Such a beautiful song for the most wonderful man in the world. The good Lord took him 5/24/2003 at age 58 and I will never forget him nor stop loving him. Being married just two weeks shy of 40 years, we shared many, many wonderful and unforgettable memories and this song just makes me sit back and remember more each time I listen to it. It brings me to tears. Thank you Lionel for this beautiful song but I will never say 'Goodbye' to my husband 'Joe' but just remember him everyday until 'we meet again'. Connie

It was the only thing I knew I wanted.... | Reviewer: Kerrie Green
    ------ About the song My Love performed by Lionel Richie

Ever since this song came out I loved it. I was a young teenage girl. I never had any preconcieved dreams or ideas about the specifics of my wedding at all, BUT this song was the ONE thing that I knew I wanted to dance my FIRST DANCE to. I didnt dream about my dress, or my guests, or my venue. I didnt have a preconcieved idea about my groom. But THIS SONG was my intention. I got married in August of 2012 and I indeed, danced our FIRST DANCE to MY LOVE. And it was Magically Wonderful. Even more than I had ever imagined. ....thank you Lionel.

This song tugged at my heart | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye performed by Lionel Richie

I also thought I had heard all of his songs. Just heard this one today for the first time. I lost my husband 33 years ago. He was just 24 years old. This song tugged at my heart! I have never stopped thinking and loving him after these 33 years. I belong to an organization called Toastmasters International. I have to give a speech soon and the project is a "touching story". When I heard this song, I just knew I had to incorporate this song with my speech. I always thought his song "Still" was my favorite. I am torn on which one now. Thank you Lionel for always writing and singing the greatest and romantic songs for us.

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