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They're at it again! Chester, Mike and the rest of Linkin
Park released another phenomenal album titled Meteora.
Sophomore albums are famously tricky affairs. Musicians
have their entire lives to pen their debut album, the
theory goes, and a relatively short time to follow it up.
But what if the debut in question is the biggest selling
album in recent memory? And what if the music industry has
Hollywood-like expectations for another instant
blockbuster? That was the scenario Linkin Park faced when
they entered the studio to record More...

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Review about Linkin Park songs
I Have To Agree With Phoenix | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Breaking The Habit performed by Linkin Park

After reading the lyrics several times and watching the video several times, I can't see why this song is not about "reflection, adjustment and HOPE!"

This was another song we (Parallel Storm) tried to pull off and we were hoping to use it as a ministry tool to reach out. For the most part, I think we got the message across, but the sound, no way. We could never compare to LP.

great song and story | Reviewer: thiskid
    ------ About the song Breaking The Habit performed by Linkin Park

such a very touching story,but ima little boy so...I haven't really had any bad habits to break. I mean after reading a few reviews I finally get the song. But in any situation I love the song and LK!!!!!

Oh My God! Great Song! Amazing Video! Perfect Lyrics | Reviewer: Phoenix
    ------ About the song Breaking The Habit performed by Linkin Park

Finally seen the Video... And once again will echo my previous points...


You have a bad relationship breakdown? Do you sit in a room with a bottle of whiskey and blame everyone... Or do you look at the past and think "God that person was a shit - Time for me to pick myself up and move on... NOT be haunted by what was" - In doing that you are BREAKING THE HABIT

You shove a needle in your arm and wake in hospital... You decide enough.. I wanna live... YOU ARE BREAKING THE HABIT!

Want more examples?

Video and sang are excellent. Just wish the so called "Emo" or "Goth" Brigade that try and use Music as a means to justify their own weakness would lay off...

The song says it all... Find it in your heart to change your life around... Focus on where YOU can change and Break the habit... Tonight!

Get a Grip!!!! | Reviewer: Phoenix
    ------ About the song Breaking The Habit performed by Linkin Park

I have to echo the thoughts of some who have tried to point out this is NOT a song calling for people to self harm... Though until now I had not seen the Video.

The song is about REFLECTION, realization and recovery...

The Video Director chooses the path the video will take and, with the obvious News Coverage of Teen Suicides, decided that this was the best way to display its meaning.

While appropriate, the meaning is CLEAR! Focus and find a reason to continue... Stop blaming the world or yourself and look at the bigger picture, BREAK THE HABIT and LEARN TO LIVE!

I am a protestor fighting against a corrupt system in the UK, who has been beaten and defeated by it many times now... I have had to use this song as a Mantra to help me focus...

You want to use this song or any other Linkin song as a means to justify Cutting yourself, Then you are only hiding from the reality. Maybe you would also like to follow the song "Crawlin'" and use that a means to justify beating the seven barrels out of your loved ones (And YES someone in the UK did try that... Got him an extra 5 years at Crown Court... Judge was fan of the band and felt the defendant was "Living the realms of fantasy" - He could not say a BSing Scumbag)

Please! Get a grip!

The Most Best Song OF my life | Reviewer: Sean
    ------ About the song In The End performed by Linkin Park

It Made Me So Good to Rap!I love In the end by linkin park! It Reminds Me When Im running and playing and I said "I tried so hard and got so far but in the end it dosen't even matter" So...THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE SONG!!!!

amazing | Reviewer: dee
    ------ About the song Somewhere I Belong performed by Linkin Park

Dis izz amazing song for me
I found myself in dis
Da pain i m feeling and felt befor thats all iz in dis song
Still i m confusing
What was that
A dream or real thing
i dont know where i belongs now

A beautiful lie | Reviewer: Fahrenheit
    ------ About the song Pushing Me Away performed by Linkin Park

I was always a gentleman and nice to everyon
I never tried to solve a conflict with insultings or even harming someone
I had a lot of friends and can'r remember that anyone didn't like me,since I was nice to everyone
Then she came
She was like a princess
I loved her more than anything else
She was my rising sun and my setting moon
But I had to change
I became greedy
an asshole...
I betrayed all of my friends and even my family
But the worst is,that I betrayed myself
I gave up everything for that one Woman
And I swear to every god
That I won't ever change my way again like that for any woman

Honoring my name | Reviewer: Capt obvious
    ------ About the song Roads Untraveled performed by Linkin Park

This song talks about not thinkg "what if" and just go on. If it didn't happen we can never know how it could have been, so there's no need of braking our heads thinking about it. Things are not that way, so don't be pathetic and move on.

you wimps | Reviewer: anonymous
    ------ About the song Breaking The Habit performed by Linkin Park

I read a bunch of these reviews I am a 15 year old male from Missouri I've been listening to Linkin' Park since I was in diapers specifically this song and I've learned that if you watch the video of an LP song you learn that there is a hidden meaning to it and this one is to cling to life Mike Shinoda in the beginning of the video is splattered on the pavement because he just leaped off of a skyscraper and at the end of the song he rises back to the top of the building and finishes the song this is him quitting his destructive way of life and living it to his fullest that is the meaning of this song don't kill yourself because that is the pussy's way out if you just cling to life and keep going you will break free of darkness' strangle hold.
I know this because I once tried to kill myself and I realized that killing myself would do more harm than good and so i put my gun down and I walked away and here I am writing this message because of this song it taught me an important lesson MAN THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello know it alls | Reviewer: Gunny Highway
    ------ About the song Anything performed by Linkin Park

This IS Linkin Park. Benningtons song goes "do you want to eat, do you want to sleep, do you want to DROWN...". Linkin Park's version says "do you want to eat, do you want to sleep, do you want to SHOUT...". THANK VERY MUCH smart guys.

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