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Release Date: 09/13/2010
Tracks in A Thousand Suns: The Requiem, The Radiance, Burning In The Skies, When They Come For Me, Robot Boy, Waiting For The End, Blackout, Wretches And Kings, Wisdom, Justice And Love, Iridescent, Fallout, The Catalyst, The Messenger

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Iridescent | Reviewer: Raunak Das | 8/5/14

Very good song. As its the Official Soundtrack of Transformers 3 ,well, it is very tough to understand. 'New Divide' the OST of Transformers 2 is a totally rock song. But 'Iridescent' doesn,t seem so. It is more like a blues to me. Its a heart touching song. I feel like hearing it all the time. Well done LP. I'm a hard core LP fan and I hope they will release even more beautiful songs like this in future. Also their latest album 'The Hunting Party' is a cracker. The best tracks are Until it's Gone, Final Masquerade and Guilty all the Same. Chester is a very good singer and Shinoda is of course the best of rappers. And also thanks to Delson, Farrell, Hahn and Bourdon for their wonderful music.

INSPIRATION | Reviewer: Smiley Face | 12/26/12

I can honestly say I like all their songs. The words they speak are as true to me as reality. I'm not a crazy fan or nothing but they have inspired me to do great things. Danish LP Fan makes lots of sense, that may be what it is but no one knows better than themselves. It's dissapointing if they don't get to see what you said, but it was spectacular. I'm not good at spelling or even writing songs, I made one in honor of the ones who are and were broken down and beaten. It's not good but I can try, thats all that counts. At least I know I tried my hardest.

He ain't someone to lean on
He just don't know where everythings going
The words are true/ Tries to run,hide
He can't aprehend em'/ Tries to ignore/ They always find him
Tries to pretend
They see threw the falsities like glass
You can't pretend
Hides with armor/ Tries not to cower
Stop pretending
I've gotta
No, you don't
I'm not wearth it
You are
The pressures building/swellin/ Gotta explode
Trapped in an unexpired nightmare/ Darkness decends
Your world turns around, upside down
The thoughts get jumbled/Crazy thoughts come creepin up
He tries to give in
You can't
All things happen for a reason/ Why stop em'
Try and change them
Don't give in
The nighmare expires/Does it really?
The bombs go off (Bang Bang)
Greeted by silence, Nothins movin
He sees himself reflecting/ Punches/ His world shatters
Breathing heavy/Drops to his knees/Screams
Hes takin away/ Say he's crazy/ Really hes the crazy one
Look around what do you see/Chaos/Only craziness
We're all insane
He opens his eyes/Sees the ones who love him
The thing he will always have when all else fails
The next day sings as hes walking out
I've seen it all and I know i'm not alone
Ive seen it all and i'm not afraid anymore
. Anymore

I know it's not something you would want on your ipod or mp3 or for a ringtone or whatever, It may mean nothing to anyone but myself but I tried my best to make a difference
This will probably not me veiwed by many so this might have been a waste of my time, but no it's not really

Evolution at work | Reviewer: Danish LP Fan | 2/22/12

Whether you like the change in style or not, you have to recognize that what you've been witnessing from Hybrid Theory to now, is the evolution of the entire band as human beings.

They went from angry teenagers who blamed everything on the world around them on Hybrid Theory, to more self reflecting young adults who recognized that everything couldn't be blamed on everyone else and that they were contributing to their own problems on Meteora. After that they grew up a little more, developed a social concience and became more responsible. Where "the bad guys" on earlier albums had been basic authority figures (parents, teachers and so on) and former love interests which, if you think about it, is actually a little self centered, they woke up and saw that the world contained more than what had, up to that point, been their focus. That awakening was made public so we could take part in it and that became Minutes to Midnight.

A Thousand Suns picks up on all the phases they've been through to this point. There's a little bit of everything. The tragic teen, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders is there on Burning in the Skies. The response to critics is there on When They Come For Me. And then there's an evolutionary step for them on Robot Boy where it's almost as if they're describing and talking to their past selves and in effect, the typical teenager, saying "hold on, you'll make it". Trying to part with that internal teenager that's still there, they go into Waiting For The End, which sounds like they're waiting to die, but in my opinion, it's more of a waiting for the end of that era and getting on with the next one. Blackout is the final "teen hissy-fit". The dying cramps of that internal teen that needs to get out of the way in order for them to move on. From there you go into the socially concious Wretches and Kings, keeping in line with the theme from Minutes to Midnight, telling people to break free from the system and think for themselves.

At this point I think there's sense in a change of line. The true evolution starts here, with Iridescent. For the first time in Linkin Park history, there's a song about forgiving and letting go. That's a significant step toward releasing that angry teen inside and becoming an adult. You can let go now or be crippled for the rest of your life. After that though, it takes a weird turn from hope and forgiveness into "fuck it, we'll all be killed in a nuclear mega blast anyway" on The Catalyst and then back to the very adult (and extremely beautiful) The Messenger. Now, this might seem like a religious song, but I believe that this is actually a song for Chester's kids, telling them that no matter how hard it gets in life, they can always come home.

What we've been witnessing over the years with Linkin Parks is nothing short of beautiful. We've been allowed into the lives and thoughts of these men and been privy to their innermost longings, insecurities, triumphs, failures, shortcomings and deepest beliefs, all through their music. We got to listen and watch as they were brutally honest, not only with us but with them selves. How often do you get to be a part of that?

In a way, I've evolved with them and that might be why I'm not as angry as some people when they try something new. I'm 28 now and I've moved past a lot of crap in my life and it seems that every time I developed a new view on life, they came out with a new album where they kinda said: "Hey, we're with you. We get it."

The personal and artistic integrity at play here is second to none and I personally feel honored to not only have taken part in their journey, but to get to feel like they've been a part of mine as well.

And if you guys ever read this (you probably won't, but here goes), just know that what you've done these past many years has inspired me on more than one occasion to drop whatever excuses I might have had for something and be honest and true to myself. In a way, your emotional integrity has boosted mine and I'm a better man for it. Thank you.

deceiving | Reviewer: Ducky | 5/1/11

imo this album is crap. Apart of the "A thousand sun" song which is good, I could simply not enter in the others. It's generally weak and for some it's just not rock at all but rap Oo.
In fact, "a thousand suns" is the only song of its kind on that album.

I really appreciate "minutes to midnight", even with the style change from the previous, it's new, innovative and deep. I barely feel anything on that one.

BEST ALBUM!! | Reviewer: Shardul Mandloi | 2/21/11

I am a hardcore LP fan... I think Hybrid theory was good as it contains much more of screaming. Its true rock album.
Although we can see the change between the two albums, I like "A Thousand Suns" more...

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