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Jiak - Lead Guitar
Dax - Rythm Guitar
Rob - Bass
Lavic - Drums

My mother opened her legs and pushed me out on December 18,
1986. For my entire life I have been surrounded by music.
My mother was a wedding singer and by the age of 6, I took
the stage with her band for the first time. Since then I
have been addicted to the idea of spending my entire life
making music. By the age of 13 I began singing 'pop' music
in recording studios with various writers. I never really
liked singing bubblegum music and over time I became sick
of More...

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Submit Lindsay Robins New Lyrics

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I love Lindsay Robins' voice...Great song!!! | Reviewer: melissa
    ------ About the song What Would You Do? performed by Lindsay Robins

I absolutely adore this song!! it is one of my favorites right now. Lindsay Robins' voice is amazing!!! her vocals are aggressive, unique and she has an incredible range!!! (i heard some of her other songs on her myspace and on and she hits some crrazy notes)she puts all the young females out there right now to shame. Lindsay is deffinately someone to keep your eye out for...something tells me that we will be seeing alot of her in the future and i am looking foreward to it!!!

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