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Lindsay Morgan Lohan (1986 - )

In New York, NY, on 02 July 1986, Lindsay Lohan became the
first child of a proud couple: Dina (a one-time Radio City
"Rockette" and Wall Street analyst who now manages her
daughter's career) and Michael Lohan (a long-time Wall
Street trader who developed, then sold, his family's
multi-million-dollar pasta business to fund and develop
major studios and independent Hollywood productions). Three
siblings (Michael, Aliana and Dakota) would follow in the
years to come.

Lindsay started modeling (she was the More...

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Review about Lindsay Lohan songs
The only Father I will ever know now, is the Lord. | Reviewer: Jessica Bateman
    ------ About the song Confessions of a Broken Heart performed by Lindsay Lohan

My father left a couple months ago, well, officially left anyways. But ever since the sister I didn't know I had moved from Cali to Wisconsin and moved in with us, my best friend soon became just an acquaintance who is now a memory. Feeling this pain and knowing there are many girls who go through the same thing, I am looking to sing this in our school show or at least find something along these. Now I'm crying though... I don't think I can do it.

Relate | Reviewer: Erika
    ------ About the song Confessions of a Broken Heart performed by Lindsay Lohan

This song is the perfect description of what I'm going through right now. It has been over a year since my dad left me and my mom and until now we have no whatsoever idea of what really happened. He used to visit us, call us every Sunday and such, but then the Sunday calls stopped and everything ended just like that. I'm still waiting for his calls, I wear his old clothes and there would be times that I'd cry and blame him for everything I'm going through, but at the end of the day, no matter what happened he's my dad and I do love him.

Found this..and brief responce | Reviewer: Eden Scharmen
    ------ About the song Over performed by Lindsay Lohan

Wow! 2011. I don't talk to anyone from 2009 so I have no idea who this could be except maybe someone on my Facebook that has a hidden page. I didn't tell anyone of the "sperm donor/father" so I don't know why anyone would put other people out there like that. Or why you would put a man on blast like that?! Odd... Anyways, I'm just correcting this for the person who's name got drug into this under false accusations. Plus I don't know anyone named Eric who was mentioned personally or from afar either. Guess you can't trust anyone these days. Why do people who don't know you start such rumors?! One for the books, I guess. Oh well, my kid and husband are safe so no one else or their small lives matter. This Amanda person tried to add me on Facebook as well, and I still have no clue who she is from city to city or why she is such a nosey story telling person. lol... It doesn't matter to me anyways!!! That was always a catchy song though...

Confession of a broken heart | Reviewer: Nyiko Howard
    ------ About the song Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father) performed by Lindsay Lohan

What A Song? What A Message? What A Rhythm? Perfect... To Me The Song Reflects Family Crisis, Both Mother And Father, Brother And Sister. So Touching, So Inspiring... Dont Know What To Say But It Tells Me If We Are All Open And Confess To One Another, There Will Be Lots Of Love Between Us As Family Especialy Fathers, To Show How Much They Care To Their Kids. Ooh Shame.. This Song Breaks My Heart When Lindsay Asks: Did You Ever Loved Me? Cuz I Love... You... Confession.

Yeah... | Reviewer: Kaeka
    ------ About the song Confessions of a Broken Heart performed by Lindsay Lohan

Noobody really got on well with my dad. He and my mum used to fight so much, and I was alwasy with my sister. They split up when I was 7. It has been 7 years, and it has left us scarred. I fell helpless whenever something happens to someone close to me, and I can't do anything. My sister is now socially anxious, and I am the closest person to her. I also bottle everything up. She is three years older than me. My dad hurt my sister once, shortly before my parents split. She had massive bruises, and my mum realised we weren't safe. Now they are both re-married.
And I know there is a lot worse and I just hope you guys are ok out there. Good luck.

when the song played | Reviewer: pingucit
    ------ About the song Confessions of a Broken Heart performed by Lindsay Lohan

for me not daughter to farher but daughter to mother.. :')
my mom always sees me like i'm not her child and she always doing anything she want to me that can make me cry.. and she makes me never trust anyone againts and never told anyone about everything that happend to me..she is my really biologist mom but she never love me like she own daughter...

i miss to call her mom but im afraid to say that..
crying and hoping that you would change t be a better mom.. :')

for me all the word father i change to mother...

when this song played i always cry... i hope new mom.. :')

=/ | Reviewer: niamh
    ------ About the song Confessions of a Broken Heart performed by Lindsay Lohan

this song really relates to me My dad never knew me properly I spent summers with him but for the rest of the year he never spoke to me,he left when i was a baby and im not 14. I love this song because alot of the lyrics relate to me like waiting for the postman to bring e a letter, i love you, I dont know you but i still want to and so on.
I listen to this song when i wishi had a dad who cared about me and who wants to see me grow up but thats just not going to happen

What I think of this song | Reviewer: Ghostgurl112
    ------ About the song Confessions Of A Broken Heart (Daughter To Father) performed by Lindsay Lohan

It is a very good song. It reminds me of my dad, he died almost a year ago right in front of our eye's. He got really sick and when he died (In our house) he was completely brain dead. Before he got sick and died me and him used to get into a lot of fights. I wish I could see him one last time to say I was sorry and I miss him so much!

Ego dad | Reviewer: Ellalovedy foreverz
    ------ About the song Confessions of a Broken Heart performed by Lindsay Lohan

Dad,actualy i love u so much,but why u can,t understand of what i want,i just want u n mam stop fighting,cz i have enough of it,i want we life happly like last time. . Why everythings has been change,

eden's Baby's Daddy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Over performed by Lindsay Lohan

heard your claiming that Dave Ross the Radio DJ in Corpus is your son's father...your a joke .eric said you didn't really know who the father was cause it could be a couple different guys...why do you lie so much?

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