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Few artists approach their work with the grace and dignity
of Linda Ronstadt. For more than four decades, and through
some 32 albums, she has remained one of the most beloved
singers of our generation. Her career is a virtual
testament to the idea that nothing quite lifts the human
spirit like a good song. With an impresario's ear, and a
voice that still resonates with a haunting gift-like
quality, she's crossed all genres, always defying
expectations as to what a pop record should be.

"What I've always done is set myself in a More...

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Review about Linda Ronstadt songs
goodbye my friend | Reviewer: Hanna mcnabb
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Friend performed by Linda Ronstadt

Last year on December 8 2012 my best friend since I was little Shauna hill was in a car accident and was in comma for a week but was declared brain dead my heart broke I never imagined losing Someone so close to me Shauna was only 16 years old when she died she had so much ahead of her she WAs and accomplished figure skater she had been to national competitions and loved to skate with all her heart she also played the violin and played in carnage hall once with her orchestra but most of all she was intelligent she wanted to go study environmental law at Stanford but tragically her life was cut short but this song helped me make it through the rough times I also skated to this song in a tribute to her I just wanted to let you know how much this song means to me and shaunas family

From Tuscon in 1974 to London in 2013 | Reviewer: Jeff Lounds
    ------ About the song Willin' performed by Linda Ronstadt

She is still the greatest female voice EVER. First heard her as an 8-year-old boy living in Arizona. Now in my 40s and she remains like an old friend who I could listen to every day. The stories she tells with THAT VOICE. She interprets songs like nobody else. I adored then, I do even more today. You changed my world Linda in ways that I don't know how to express. Your book brought back some wonderful memories too of living in Los Angeles, Toronto, Houston, Tuscon, now London.

Thank you! Xxx Jeff

A Beautiful Song And Beautiful Voice. We Will Not Hear the Like Again | Reviewer: Bill McDaniel
    ------ About the song Talk to Me of Mendocino performed by Linda Ronstadt

In Talk to Me of Mendocino, Kate McGarrigle wrote a beautiful, heartfelt confession of the bittersweet beauty of life, as we live it now, in America, our country. I have seen the places she writes about, and it is easy to imagine her journey and the feelings she expresses. Linda Rondstadt simply sings it beautifully and with deep emotion. No voice is better suited to this song. It sounds as if we will not hear her sing again. Every fan who loves her singing should be sure to listen to--and own--her lovely cover of this sweet, longing plaint.

A Very Fitting Song For My Dad and Mom's Funerals | Reviewer: Debbie Armstrong
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Friend performed by Linda Ronstadt

My dad passed away on December 16, 1989 and I had just gotten the CD with this song on it. My mom and I both agreed this had to be played at his funeral, there wasn't a dry eye in the funeral home. My mom passed on March 6, 2010 and since that was so special for my dad, I had it played again at my mom's funeral, again, not a dry eye in the funeral home. I want this for my memorial service (whenever that may be) so that we can carry on this amazing song.

Life is "Just a ride on a wheel'. | Reviewer: Bill
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Friend performed by Linda Ronstadt

An avid bicyclist friend died suddenly and tragically. He cycled 5-6000 miles per year. We played "Goodbye My Friend" at his memorial service. The line; "I know it's just a ride on a wheel" was truly fitting, along with every line in the lyrics.

Good songs contain a message. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Different Drum performed by Linda Ronstadt

Like all good songs if you listen to the lyrics there is a message and it can be apt to so many people in parts of their lives, that's why we remember them and often cherish them. I and A.Nother will remember it! Have to admit to liking the Sussanah Hoffs version as well.

my funeral song to be played | Reviewer: Teresa Pruitt
    ------ About the song Goodbye My Friend performed by Linda Ronstadt

This is my favorite song of all times. My daughter and my family knows this song has to be played at my funeral. I also had my daughter play it at my sweet mom"s funeral. Its the best song ever

keep me from blowing away | Reviewer: barb
    ------ About the song Keep Me From Blowing Away performed by Linda Ronstadt

always makes me think about life. tells a deep tale of how fragile it is

One of my favourite songs but not written by Linda Ronstadt | Reviewer: EJ
    ------ About the song Carmelita performed by Linda Ronstadt

This is a Warren Zevon song that was also performed by Linda Ronstadt on one of my favorite albums- Simple Dreams

She did change a line "Smith and Weston" was originaly Smith Corona.


In my Reply | Reviewer: Joe Baxter
    ------ About the song In My Reply performed by Linda Ronstadt

A beautiful, Livingston Taylor, parable song. Beautifully sung by Linda, with spare laid back backing from a band that included soon to be Eagles members.
I heard it on an album which was only available in Britain as an american import. I still have the vinyl but haven't heard it for years and looked up the lyrics to refresh my memory, I do the occasional spot at open mic nights, and I'm going to do this song. I already do I Still Miss Someone, a Johnny Cash song from the same album.

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