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Few artists approach their work with the grace and dignity of Linda Ronstadt. For more than four decades, and through some 32 albums, she has remained one of the most beloved singers of our generation. Her career is a virtual testament to the idea that nothing quite lifts the human spirit like a good song. With an impresario's ear, and a voice that still resonates with a haunting gift-like quality, she's crossed all genres, always defying expectations as to what a pop record should be.

"What I've always done is set myself in a traditional genre and tried to be completely faithful to what the genre demands," says Ronstadt. Whether it be rock, country, pop, or stylistic ventures in big band music, jazz, opera, Broadway standards or Mexican and Afro-Cuban music, Ronstadt has worked with an incredible dedication to her craft. Her most recent albums continue to reflect her virtuosity, such as last year's acclaimed Christmas release, Merry Little Christmas, and 1995's unique collection of lullabies for children, Dedicated To The One I Love, to name a few.

Ronstadt made her pop debut in 1967 with the Stone Poneys. It was soon after that she began working with Neil Young. "I sang backup on a lot of his records. He'd call up and say 'I'm making a record, come on down.' He had a recording studio on this ranch. We'd record all day and end up with so much stuff I'm still not sure what made it on to the records." Few knew in those early days that both artists would go on to rewrite pop history. With seven Grammy awards and over 50 million albums sold to her credit, Ronstadt says the only formula she's ever lived by is an undying allegiance to the slow craft of songmaking. With a platinum track record that includes classic albums Heart Like A Wheel, What's New, and her Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris collaboration Trio, as well as its follow-up in the late '90's, it's obvious the workmanship has never wavered.

Her love for the art of recording helped her form a long standing partnership with legendary engineer George Massenburg, whom she proudly calls a "friend as well as a musical guiding light."

From her debut album, 1967's Evergreen, to last year's holiday gift to her fans, Merry Little Christmas, Ronstadt has helped redefine what it means to be a contemporary artist. For a singer who has won rock, pop, country and Latin music Grammy's, she has triumphed for more than four decades raising great songs from their hiding places, polishing each one with her own indomitable artistry.

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Hypocrite but a great singer | Reviewer: Former Democrat who saw the light . | 8/20/14

Hypocrite but a great singer - I hate when entertainers who can't control their own personal relationships try and speak politically as if they know everything . We pay to hear you sing not listen to your stupid philosophies . Most of the fans are so stupid that they light lighters and applaud these entertainers stupid ideas about politics . The arts a fine and needed but it takes a conservative and economist to run our country . When has a democrat ever run the U.S Economy well ???? Never ! The trash and then it takes a conservative to come in and spend the next 6 years fixing it . Obama example # 6 . These entertainers have a beautiful voice and that is it . They have no real concept to real life for the normal american's so just shut the phuck up please . Maybe her voice leaving her was just a justice ?? Don't know it is not my role to jusge such things but I can dang sure have a opinion on their stupid political views . It takes more than music to run this country and the sooner they realize that the better . I will pray for her to wake up one day. She just humilates herself in speaking on such things. I guess these entertainers get so much praise and applause that it eventually goes their heads and they do start to believing that they are special and all knowing in everything . By the way I loved Linda as a singer and still do. But she is just a record to me. I would never take her advice on anything else in life . Entertainers are the worst to ask for advice or follow in life because most live in a surreal drug infested and screwed up world . If they were good at it they would have successful long term relationship but the fact is they can't even stand to live with each other for very long rarely show each other real respect . Linda hope you are able to one day sing again but also hope you learn to keep your stupid political ideas to yourself. Micheal Moore ?? Really ??? His stories are so full of holes and inconsistancies it is not even funny. He is not even American on top of that so who cares what the hell he thinks .

Wt gain, Hashimoto's, singing, political views | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/14

I find it interesting she sang like a bird, loved her music, then changed abruptly. She said it was because she wanted to sing her father's music.
She was beginning to look like a whore, dress like one, part of the music scene-you have to do what they want or you won't make it. She chose to change genre's which I totally respect. In doing this, she probably lost a bid for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Now, she has promoted politics through her music, maybe they finally got to her. In doing this she has made remarks such as she didn't want to sing to Christian audiences because she routinely backs Michael Moore, etc and his causes. Also she is pro immigration and back illegals citizens and many other things. She has now lost her voice. I believe she lost it awhile back. Incidentally, I am a proud Christian and I personally don't believe in amnesty at all and back a full southern border. All of this has nothing to do with being a Christian, it is called caring for the US.

poor Linda | Reviewer: comicstrip | 8/26/13

I've adored Linda Ronstadt since the stone ponies days. Just heard she has Parkinson's along with her other physical problems. Parkinson's is robbing her of her singing voice. The throat is a muscle, and Parkinson's affect muscles. Please, Linda, be brave, maybe Michael J. Fox's foundation will find effective treatments, or even a cure, in your lifetime!

My All Time Favorite Artist | Reviewer: Debbie | 6/20/13

Linda Ronstadt has always and will always be my all time favorite artist. I have seen her on numerous occasions and she has always surpassed my expectations. She does not even need a microphone to sing with her beautiful and strong vocal cords. I have been a fan of her's since her Stony Pony days. At one time I worked at an arena in Williamsburg, VA where she performed to half an arena because she was so new. I was there enjoying every word she sang. That first time she was barefooted on the stage and some water had gotten spilled where she was singing into the microphone. She was so very sweet. She asked if someone could help her keep from getting electrocuted by getting the water up. The next time she came to the same building I was still working and the entire building of over 10,000 seats were sold out. I remember my husband telling me, before I went to work that day, "she is going to snub you and that is going to break your heart". When Miss Ronstadt, when came in the building I saw her and she looked so very scared and she had men circling her so she did not get hurt. Again, she performed so wonderfully and that the night was magical. I loved the performance so much that the next night she were performing at another arena just 15 miles down the road and I was there again and loving every minute. She was outstanding once again. It has been many, many years now and STILL no one has surpassed her performances in my life.

Anything for Political Gain - Stupid comments by stupid people | Reviewer: Mike | 8/14/12

Gosh. People do anyting and everything to make something out to be political. A lot of people in this country suck, as noted by their ignorant responses, but Linda is one of the finest musicians in the world, and will be in the history of music for a long, long time. She has one of the most soothing and melodic voices ever to surface.

The Conditioning Voice of Heart | Reviewer: yudhoprawiro s. | 6/1/12

Linda Ronstadt, I really made a very cool heart, yes it is true the songs were so touching, that I really like her voice, used until now, such a great singer to the world, I love Ronstadt,

yudoprawiro s.

Now come on! | Reviewer: Miel | 12/10/10 give so much time to improving myself that i have no time to criticize others ... christian d. larson (yeah, christian) titled i promise myself ... these are labels, words, all .....
this woman has given of her angelic music to our world and perhaps other worlds we cannot understand she is a healer, an angel i, too, agree, empathy for anyone who doesn't feel well or whose message is opposed .... remember, some are ahead of their time ... either way, empathy and constructive help is the 'christian' or appropriate behavior

One of my all time favorites | Reviewer: Steven | 9/1/10

Of all the concerts I've seen, Linda is tied for first place as the most boring. She had an incredible voice as we all know. (And still has) But when she performed on stage that day back in the late 70's, she just stood there behind the mic and didn't move her head or tap her feet or nothing. She sang for almost two hours without moving a muscle. I believe it was a case of either not feeling well or her tour was wearing her down. I know she must have had a more upbeat performance to match her skills but didn't show that day. By the way, Willie Nelson was the other.

Too bad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/10

I had a crush on her when I was young. She was beautiful and had an amazing voice. When she said hateful remarks about Christians, I lost all respect for her. And obviously by her pictures she has lost it for herself.

Hashimoto's Disease is awful | Reviewer: Linda | 5/21/10

Linda has it, I have it, millions of people have of the main symptoms is weight gain among a myriad of others. Don't be so quick to judge. This illness can be physically and mentally devastating.

To Peckerhead | Reviewer: Peter | 5/18/10

The comment by peckerhead is a sick one. And his name sure reflect what he is and the head he thinks with. He must be a right wing nut conservative. In any event peckerhead. “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” In short, go f**kyourself Peckerhead.

Linda has Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, it is a type of autoimmune thyroid disease. Weight gain is a side effect.

Linda ate Mexico | Reviewer: Peckerhead | 4/6/10

Little do people know that the reason she has become so fat is that she ate Mexico! Yes, all the animals, houses, people, the land- - - yes!= everything! Before this she loved to ride the weiner so to speak- - she was a nympho before she discoved eating 23 hours a day

It's her business!!!!! | Reviewer: skeeter | 4/1/10

Who ever the Christian maybe ,you need to practice what your trying to preach here,this page about Linda,who are you to pass judgement on her sex choices,shame on you!!!!! Do you know it's a fact? If your a hard core Christian you would of never writing such crap!!!!! practice what you preach,did god appreciate what you wrote? you were quick to run your mouth quite....... best keep your thoughts to yourself,your a sinner too!!!!

Female Singers from the '60's thru the 2,000's | Reviewer: Charles Nicholson | 3/7/10

I first heard this wonderfull, refreshing,powerfull singing voice, back when this young singer was getting her claim to fame in the music industry. I heard this tune on the juke-box, and had to find out whom this female artist was? To my amazement, my friends said,"What you've not heard of Linda Ronstadt"? From then on, I have been a Huge fan of hers and her music. Not just the early days, but the music that she has released over the past couple of years. I have read some reviews from "music Lovers", whom just rake every other female artist over the coals, and claim that this one can out-sing,out-dance,whatever the rest of the pack. Well, my feelings on that are, they had to have someone in their earlier days to idolize, in order for them to be where they are today! And I do beleive that Ms. Ronstadt is/was very,very influential in helping these artists realize their dreams. To me, our creator gave each and everyone of them a 'voice', and to just rate one individual as the "Best" is maybe not appliacable in this case. They all make "BEAUTIFUL" music. Although, we each have our 'favorites', my favorite was performing before many of the others were even considering their current carrers. So, to me, and my opinion (for what it's worth), I rank Linda Ronstadt as being on the Top of the Pyramid!...LLLR!.

Her Gift | Reviewer: Rosie | 1/15/10

Linda was given a gift and that is her voice ! and what a gift it has been and still is today.
I once heard this for another singer and I can say the same for Linda and that is....
when she sings it starts from her head, to her heart and then through her voice !
Thank You Linda for you and your years of great great songs !

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