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Linda Davis Biography

Last updated: 12/05/2011 11:00:00 AM

BORN: November 26, 1962, Dodson, TX

Linda Davis was only six years old when she first graced the stage, when she sang at the "East Texas Jamboree." She was born in Carthage, Texas on November 26th, 1962. While in her teens, she performed on the popular radio show, "The Louisiana Hayride" and the "Texas Grapevine Opry", a weekly live stage show. After several trips to Nashville with her family, Linda gathered her dreams and made the move to Music City. Linda soon found steady work, singing and playing piano as a solo act. The job provided rent money, valuable exposure and, according to Linda, much more: "When it's just your voice and you on piano, it's a real intimate situation.

You learn so much that way - you find out how to really get inside a song." As word of her talents spread among songwriters and producers, calls for demo and jingle sessions started coming in, and soon Linda was busy in Nashville's studios. She sang on national spots for Pepsi and Kentucky Fried Chicken, and attracted the attention of major record labels. She also attracted the attention of a lady named Reba McEntire. Reba was listening to some demo tapes and was impressed with Linda's voice. They met later at a county fair and the rest, as they say, is history.

Together they won a Grammy for the smash hit "Does He Love You" and Linda became a favorite among fans everywhere. " So for Linda, making records for a company called DreamWorks is very appropriate. The hardworking singer has been following her dreams of becoming a superstar since she could walk and has never wavered in her love and belief in the music she grew up singing. That conviction and excitement for her life's work have never shined brighter than on her debut album for DreamWorks, titled I'm Yours.An album chock full of hopes and dreams that reflect both Linda's commendable past and her promising future, I'm Yours reveals a new side of the talented singer in spirit and determination.

She has emerged stronger about her dreams and the chance to work on a new recording project with talents like DreamWorks head James Stroud and his team."I feel like I have such a great musical team behind me, and I've always admired James," says Linda. "It makes me feel so confident to have him and the entire DreamWorks staff with me on this project. Nothing has really changed that much with my music itself, it's the same voice as before, but on this project I'm really throwing away my inhibitions and just putting it out there musically. There's no holding back.

These are good times for me, and I'm so happy to be where I am now and also to have been through what I've already experienced. I think that comes across on this record." Linda is also grateful for the years she has spent as Reba's duet partner and band member. Although those years have now come to a close, Linda counts her experiences with Reba as some of the most memorable. "I've been so fortunate to be able to watch Reba and how she makes decisions," explains Linda. "I've learned so much from her. I've been luck to have bided my time in good places and in a positive, creative environment.

That has really made the difference for me through the years in whether I was going to be able to stick it out or pack it in and go home. Perseverance is what pays off, I think. I'm just as hungry for this career now as I was the first day I got to town.""I'm really glad that I've been able to continue making music at a level that I can take pride in. Just being able to make music that the fans can hear once again, and sill get their hands on and enjoy, is such a privilege. I'm lucky because the fans aren't looking at their watches - they've always been encouraging and supportive. They're so loyal, and that means so much to me. I hope listeners will sense the spirit and rejuvenation reflected on I'm Yours. It's a very full package! I hope the album will hold up and be around for years to come. I think it will.

Linda currently lives in Nashville with her husband Lang Scott (a guitarist for Reba McEntire) and their daughter Hillary.