Limbonic Art Albums

  • A Legacy Of Evil Album (10/23/2007)
    A Cosmic Funeral Of Memories
    A Void Of Lifeless Dreams
    Grace By Torments
    Infernal Phantom Kingdom
    Legacy Of Evil
    Lycanthropic Tales
    Nebulous Dawn
    Seven Doors Of Death
    Twilight Omen
    Unleashed From Hell

  • The Ultimate Death Worship Album (3/22/2002)
    The Ultimate Death Worship
    Suicide Commando
    Purgatorial Agony
    Towards The Oblivion Of Dreams
    Voyage Of The Damned
    Last Rite For The Silent Darkstar
    Interstellar Overdrive
    From The Shades Of Hatred
    Funeral Of Death

  • Ad Noctum Album (3/22/1999)
    The Dark Paranormal Calling
    The Calling
    As The Bell Of Immolation Calls
    Pits Of The Cold Beyond
    Dynasty Of Death
    The Supreme Sacrifice
    In Embers Of Infernal Greed
    The Yawning Abyss Of Madness

  • Epitome Of Illusions Album (3/22/1998)
    Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares
    Eve Of Midnight
    Path Of Ice
    Sources To Agonies
    Solace Of The Shadows
    The Black Hearts Nirvana
    Phantasmagorial Dreams

  • In Abhorrence Dementia Album (3/22/1997)
  • Moon In The Scorpio Album (3/22/1996)

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