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"People are so used to the stereotype of girls being
manufactured," says bassist-vocalist Louise Burns,
one-third of the vocal firepower behind Canadian female
foursome Lillix. "The public is now starting to become more
aware that girls do musical things like play guitars and
write songs. Girls do rock."

Spoken like true rock veterans, there's no doubt that the
girls of Lillix are set to put their music where their
mouths are. With a lead vocal triple threat made up of
guitarist Tasha-Ray Evin (17), older sister and keyboardist More...

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Reviews about Lillix songs

Probably one of the best songs I've ever heard. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Little Things performed by Lillix

This song is the definition of rock. All you hear is the guitar riffs, drums, and complex piano keys that make up the entire song! Why this never become a big hit is beyond me but I promise you I'll never ever forget this song as long as I live because it is my absolute favourite.

Good Song | Reviewer: Lizzie
    ------ About the song The Meaning performed by Lillix

I like this song, but whenever I try to find it I can only find one video and it won't come up on yahoo's downloads or on another down loader. Why does it do that??

fabulous | Reviewer: me
    ------ About the song Sweet Temptation performed by Lillix

well, i dont really listen to lillix, but when my cousin showed me this song, it was like totally different. the rythm and lyrics rock..

Fantastic | Reviewer: Rachael
    ------ About the song Sweet Temptation performed by Lillix

This is a great song. It has a great beat and fun lyrics. I love it!

    ------ About the song Blackout performed by Lillix

seriously, good ol' sing365 having the lyrics i want as always. faultless.

not a bad song..... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sweet Temptation performed by Lillix

i reallly like this song, it's a very catchy song!

the lyrics are good too!

I feel it | Reviewer: Elyse
    ------ About the song Invisible performed by Lillix

Ha ha, this song is so how I feel. Do oyu feel invisible sometimes? Listen to this song, get your frustration out in this. Cool song.

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