Lil Scrappy Lyrics

There is something alluring about a debut artist, who, on
the brink of super-stardom, approaches his craft as
confidently as an established rhyme vet. Add a handsome
face, a body sketched with tattoos reading "Zone 3" and "My
Life," and a demeanor that makes it difficult for anyone to
deny, and you have BME Recording's Lil Scrappy, aka the #1
Head-Bussa. "A head-bussa is someone like me who is so
fresh, so clean," explains Scrappy while tilting his red,
white and canary yellow Atlanta Hawks ball cap. "If you
dress better than More...

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Reviews about Lil Scrappy songs

yo dis rap is sick like heck | Reviewer: em girl
    ------ About the song Money In The Bank performed by Lil Scrappy

yo ashley, what u talkin' bout! this RAP, is sick!!
it's like THE BEST! and "oh my goodness! this song is bad butt!aaaaahhhhh!"

The New Age Music | Reviewer: Bobby B
    ------ About the song Lord Have Mercy performed by Lil Scrappy

I have to say this is one of Lil Scrappy's best song. It made me take a look at life and I stopped and said "he's right i dont wanna burn I gotta change my life". I think everyone should hear this song and take a look at life and see where u headed. I gotta give this a 5 out of 5.

Lil'Scrappy lyrics | Reviewer: Pamela S
    ------ About the song Some Cut performed by Lil Scrappy

I want these lyrics cause i like his song and right now at my school it is the hypest thang sung. So can u please let me see these lyrics so i can learn the hole song by heart. I'll be the only girl at my school who will know thw lil scrappy song what it is hoe.
Thanks Alot. 04-05 Hannah graduate of 8th grade.

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