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After crafting his skills on 112's single "Anywhere," 17
yr-old hip- hop prodigy, Lil' Zane resurfaces with his own
single "Money Stretch" the A-A side of Ice Cube's
commercial single for the Next Friday soundtrack. Lil' Zane
releases his own upcoming album, Young Word: The Future
this spring.

"When people hear my album, I want them to say that I
basically took them on a ride," says Zane about his first
LP. "I want to show people every aspect of life. I say some
bad things that I've done and witnessed and also some good
things that More...

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lil zane and t- bone | Reviewer: kcc
    ------ About the song Lil Zane performed by Lil' Zane

you rock yo i watched the fighting temptations and when you and t- bone rapped it was tight i know it see (yeah yeah yeah yeah all that street corner barber shop harmony thats cool right we got some new hip hop in mony corner Georgia for ya to night yo Briggs I'm sick of packin' all these 9's slangin'
dimes and smokin on da marijuana chillin' wit pretty
mamma's from havanah in the Bahama's plus demons tryna see me hot like I'm in da sauna and im just tryna get ya loose kinda like madona).

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