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Lil' Zane Biography

Last updated: 06/15/2010 12:00:00 PM

After crafting his skills on 112's single "Anywhere," 17 yr-old hip- hop prodigy, Lil' Zane resurfaces with his own single "Money Stretch" the A-A side of Ice Cube's commercial single for the Next Friday soundtrack. Lil' Zane releases his own upcoming album, Young Word: The Future this spring.

"When people hear my album, I want them to say that I basically took them on a ride," says Zane about his first LP. "I want to show people every aspect of life. I say some bad things that I've done and witnessed and also some good things that I've done. Fortunately, the good outweight the bad . I am young and alot of things I talk about on the album are things that older people may experience. My mom once told me that i got an old soul."

Born in the tough section of Yonkers, New York, but raised in Atlanta since the age of seven, Lil' Zane grew up on the soul and rap. "The first song I ever learned was "Before I Let Go" By Frankie Beverly & Maze,' he recalls. "That was a song I used to dance to and just sing all day when I was younger." At about the age of 10,Zane was inspired bu the kiddie groups Another Bad Creation (ABC) abd Kris Kross. He became serious about a careet in hip hop and started rehearsing with his cousinns. A year later, after beating stagefright, the aspiring talent began entertaining local Atlanta talent shows and eventually met a man who would carve out his future. Kevin Wales, owner of World Wide Entertainment, the man who discovered Another Bad Creation, Monica, and 112, attented a talent show where Zane performed and was immediately blown away by Zane. He was a very impressed with Zane's maturity.

"To have so much stage presence and be good at a young age is definitely what struck me about him" explains Wales. " It was like a grown man trapped inside a kid's body, you know. I remember he was 11 years old tellin' me he wanted to be a star. He wanted to be down with me because he was a big fan of ALB back then. The crazy things about it is that he told me that he read the credits on the back of the ABC album-at that age- saw my name and always wanted to meet me. And so at that talent show somebody told him that Kevin Wales was there and he took it upon himself to come and meet me. from then on, we just stayed together and the growing process began."

Zane is setting his sights on platinum with his highly anticipated debut alum to be released on the World Wide Entertainment/ Priority Records.

In the year of 2001 Lil zane married Demiqua Sa'Sha Brumfield in Milwaukee Wisconsin

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