Lil' Wyte Albums

  • No Filter Album (7/16/2013)
    All We Do (Get Fucked Up)
    We're Back
    Break Da Knob Off
    Smoke & Get High
    One Of Them Dayz
    Ball Baby Ball
    Shake N Bake
    Band Plays On
    Smoke Beer
    This Down Here
    Freaky Girls
    Molly By Da Gram
    Our Love Song
    Move Mountains
    Blow My High[iTune

  • Still Doubted? Album (6/19/2012)
    I Do It
    Sold My Soul
    All Kinds Of Drugs
    Yea Hoe
    Lesson Learned
    Money Train Gang
    Lost In My Zone

  • The Bad Influence Album (8/25/2009)
    Some Other Shit
    All Stops
    I Say Yes
    Leanin' Off Dat Yurple
    One Lil Pill
    I Rep Mine
    I'm Da Bad Influence
    Oxy Cotton
    Supply & Demand
    George Bush
    Get Gone
    So Called Homies
    That's What It Is

  • The One And Only Album (6/5/2007)
    The One And Only
    We Ain't Kool
    I Got Dat Candy
    That's What's Up
    Talkin' Ain't Walkin'
    Get High
    It's On
    Feelin' Real Pimpish
    Get Wrong
    Choppa On Da Back Seat
    Gettin' Money Boy
    Got'm Lookin'
    Fucked Up
    Do It Fluid
    Dat Boy
    Gun Do Da Talkin'

  • Phinally Phamous Album (10/9/2004)
  • Doubt Me Now Album (3/4/2003)

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    Reviews about Lil' Wyte albums

    good music | Reviewer: cody lewis
        ------ About the album Doubt Me Now performed by Lil' Wyte

    this is a good album it is about everything that goes on in the world with all the shit that people do an its all real.

    best one out | Reviewer: jason hall
        ------ About the album Phinally Phamous performed by Lil' Wyte

    lil wyte hardest fuckin white boy i kno i play his shit all the time when i ride ppl like who the fuck is that rappin im like lil wyte and i keep copys of ur cd and just give em to friends im tryin to get ur out there in va but wit sum boys round herr calld "high rollas" they kinda shuttin me down yo wyte if u get this i got a sum droo skii plants

    hot cd | Reviewer: nate mckan
        ------ About the album Phinally Phamous performed by Lil' Wyte

    this cd is hot. lil wyte you gone along ways from when me and you used to flow in my bastment, i have supported you this long and im gonna keep doing it dawg this cd is hot yall should go buy it its in stores now common get off your ass and get it.

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