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Lil’ Wyte is coming strong out of the dirty south with one of the tightest new albums of 2005, Phinally Phamous.  Hailing from some of the grittiest city streets in Memphis, Tennessee Lil’ Wyte is used to being the underdog.  The scrappy young man with the big voice has always been able to overcome any obstacle life has thrown in his face.  From his thirsty beginnings as a member of an all white rap group, Lil’ Wyte was serious about making it in the rap game.  Producer, label owner, member of Three 6 Mafia and a featured artist on the album, Juicy J knew there was something different about Lil’ Wyte the first time he saw him.  Juicy explains, “We (Juicy J and DJ Paul) met Lil’ Wyte in front of the radio station.  I get a lot of demos from artists but I never got a demo from an all white group.”  Juicy could hear the potential in Lil’ Wyte’s lyrics and he actually tried to sign the group.  But when that deal fell apart Lil’ Wyte was the last rapper standing and he was immediately signed to Hypnotize Minds.  

Lil’ Wyte’s solo debut album Doubt Me Now sold over 126,000 units and is still consistently selling 1,200 units a week without the benefit of any video or radio airplay.  Wyte feels his album has done so well because his music touches on familiar topics in a brand new light. “It’s like a dream come true.”  The slim MC explains.  “It was shocking who it happened with because Three 6 Mafia are a major influence, they grew up right around the corner from me.  My music comes from the streets, from my life.  I’m one of the rappers that understands the difference between entertainment and real life.”  

Lil’ Wyte’s life is actually a lot calmer now compared to his past dramas.  He’s focused on his family and his music.  “Friends at school didn’t want to believe I could rap because I was shutting people down so hard (in the lunch room rhyme battles).  It was only my dedication and devotion that kept me going.  I dropped out of school twice and went back to get my diploma, not just my GED.”  All of Lil’ Wytes’ career goals and ambitions have come true.  He released his solo debut album before he was 21 and he has even bigger plans for his sophomore effort Phinally Phamous.  There’s a huge difference between the two projects according to Lil’ Wyte.  “The first album I had a lot of stuff going on this one I’ve been kickin’ it and relaxin’.  Because I’m making music with Three 6 Mafia there’s no way any song on my album can be wack.”  

DJ Paul, another member of Three 6 Mafia who shares production credit and is also featured on the album breaks it down a little more.  “The real folks know who we are from even before “Tear Da Club Up” and some of the people may just be up on it now.”  Juicy J traces a brief history of crunk music and why Three 6 Mafia was instrumental in its current popularity.  “When you’re in your own state you have your own sound.  We first started calling it ‘buck music’ then that changed to ‘crunk’ music.  In the mid eighties when the Memphis scene was crackin’ it all started with “Trigga Man”.  Then we just started doing our own thing.”  DJ Paul adds, “Like with one of the songs on Lil’ Wyte’s album, “Hoods Run Down” we include different bass tones-especially for cars and car stereo competitions but on Lil’ Wyte’s album the song is also talking about how people run the hood down.”  

Using the Three 6 Mafia multiplatinum production formula for trunk thumping bass songs with meaning and substance, Juicy J knows that Lil’ Wyte’s project will be as successful as some of the other artist they’ve worked with like Gangsta Boo and Project Pat. “The fans put Lil’ Wyte in his place and made him successful.  On this album Lil’ Wyte has matured and his flow has gotten better.”  The album also has songs with political commentary, “US Soldier Boy,” and the sure shot debut single, “I Sho Will.”  There are even a few surprises like the appearance of Josey Scott from popular group and hometown homies, Saliva.  Lil’ Wyte hopes to see this album sell deep into multiplatinum territory.  In true dirty south lingo he sums up all his expectations for Phinally Phamous, “Get ready because it’s fixin’ to be crazy!”

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Lil Wyte | Reviewer: Italian Capo | 3/17/14

Look I get sick of race being a factor. Does it matter what color these Artist are? Lil Wyte has mad lyrical skillz as does Em, Paul Wall, and a lot of other Rappers. Who gives a damn who's "better" just support them putting out fire a$$ muzik.

Lil Wyte is GOAT! | Reviewer: Officer Ricky | 11/5/13

Lil Wyte is the best rapper. He is like a machine gun! He can spit so hard and fast. He has good lyrics but he never gets boring like most lyrical rappers. eminem's flow is week and he can't rap at all. Eminem gives me a headache. It annoys me that nobody knows who Lil Wte is but everybody talks about how great eminem is. Lil Wyte = GOAT. eminem = WOAT

Eminem is better than lil wyte | Reviewer: Gangsta | 11/6/13

Eminem is strait out of the dome don't get me wrong lil wyte is great but eminem is the greatest rapper ever not because I'm white and he white it because the words he put in to his raps there just godly gifted.

wrong | Reviewer: wyte fan | 9/14/12

For you to think lil whyte sucks then something is wrong with you and for you to compare the two eminem. And him you are wrong cause them two are different eminem is a freestyle what ever comes out of his mouth while he's rapping kinda of rapper and wyte. Is a single subject and ur not lost on what the songs are about kind of rapper which are two different styles and if you think like Eyre sucks cause u think his lyrics are plain but you think think eminent is awesome cause you think he's a lyrical genius well then your fucking retarted but I like like Eyre just as much as I like eminem. But I also know their two different styles which keeps me from ever trying to compare them

GREATEST | Reviewer: Travis Creech | 11/8/10

Lil Wyte hits it hard with the lyrics.He really understands the stuggles of everyday life and how street life can be.He only raps about true real life subject,realest down to earth rapper there is.He is a big influence on me.

em is the best, wyte has a great flow but not entertaining enough to be original | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

I think lil wyte has a great flow other than that his lyrics are basic and not very entertaining. Street music is good for bumping in ur car but its not what I prefer to get thru the day. I love both em and wyte, even a little haystak lol , but em and myself "JN" are more creative and we don't copy cat other styles we stick to our own formula which is being our selves and not caring for one moment if other people enjoy it. The best music is who u are deep down, who cares if it makes the critics happy.

diffrent styles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/10

I think that Lil' Wyte being better then Eminem is like saying that drinking water is better then eating a steak. They arn't even close to the same styles and are completly diffrent. I have mass respect for both and in my mind they are both the best at what they do just in diffrent styles.

Lil Wyte's the shit | Reviewer: Italian Afro | 11/14/08

wyte is hands down my second favorite white rapper, and one of my faves period. apart fromt the fact they both got some waaay different styles, all yall sayin he better than em on some other shit

lil wyte | Reviewer: tim ridlon | 11/10/08

lil wyte is hands down tha "rawest hardest loudest smartest coldest tightest mutha fucka in her" fuck what ya heard lil wyte is doin his thing, fuck camparin rappers who tha fuck cares mcs styles are different get over it eminem cant get tha club buck lil wyte gets me strait buck hype for real, stop comparin white rappers! this shit gets old i can spit better than half these weak ass main stream dudes and im "wyte" lil wyte show em whats good! 2 up Influnce

WYTE 4 LIFE MOTHAFU**AS! | Reviewer: OZZMANN | 10/23/08

come the f*ck on! if were comparing Lil' Wyte to Eminem, then it's Wyte hands muthafuckin' down! Em is straight and shit, but there is nothing to compare. Wyte is real, Em is "shock value" even he will tell you that! And as for the "white rapper" thing: does it really fuckin matter anymore what color you are? White, Black, Hispanic (SPM)ect... it don't matter, if you can flow, bring it! And like a sponge, we'll absorb it, we'll love it, and as always, some hater will diss it. Whatever, if you like it (no matter what kind of music it is) LISTEN to it! don't let anyones opinion decide that for you! 4 real!!!

Lil Wyte be da shit cuzz. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/08

how many white homies you know that can spit it like wyte? you can stop thinking bout that now cuz no white MC's can touch him. he raps bout whats real. perhaps if you aint gangsta enough and just listen to rap so you can think you is, then hell perhaps eminem's fake ass can float ya boat. but i say 1 last word bout this. Lil Wyte is the realest nigga out there, and if you dont like that... then change is bitches.

WYTE 4 LIFE, word

Lil Wyte better than Eminem? L-M-F-A-O | Reviewer: Nick | 8/24/08

I heard about Lil Wyte and heard people saying he was better than Eminem so I had to check him out. He isn't even in the same book as Em never mind on the same page. Cheesy, cliche, southern rap with that awful meoldy / shout style flow and shit lyrics. Em's a genius, Lil Wyte's a pile of shit.

Best Wyte Rapper there is | Reviewer: Warren (DJM8) | 8/22/08

Lil Wyte is hands down the best white rapper there is out now, and straight from the dirty south just like me even though I am from FL and he is from TN if you are use to southern rap and crunk music with good beats, then lil wyte is the rapper for you, better than Paul Wall, Eminem, Bubba Sparkxxx, Haystack and definately better than that joke of a white rapper Vanilla Ice, if I had to rate them it would be 1 Lil Wyte 2 Eminem 3 Paul Wall 4 Bubba Sparxxx

Garbage | Reviewer: Paul H | 8/14/07

I Think that reviewer ross is the only other sane person on this list. lil wyte is 100% Grade A Garbage. Lyrics = Shit, plain and simple. he is a disgrace to all rappers, id have to say hands down one of the worst rappers of all time.

lil wtye is the shit | Reviewer: shirley johnson | 8/7/07

omg i luv lil wyte his flow is the shit everrytime i get high i put his songs on. he is the shit no rapper has nothin on him he is gonna BLOW UP i stop listen to fuckin em he is boring kno all he does is fuckin bitchs bout everyting and he had a shity life get over it. lil wyte is the shit get over it he is so better them em. and he anit no em wannbe either!!!!!!!!! i luv lil wtye much love

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