Lil' Romeo Lyrics

As a young whodie growing up in the Calliope projects, Lil'
Romeo witnessed the struggle of his father and uncles to
make their mark in the world of hip hop. The boy was only
six-years old when his father, No Limit CEO and
entrepreneur Master P, as well as his Uncle C and Uncle
Silkk the Shocker, were ballin' out of control as
representatives of hip hop's most successful
independently-owned label. It was therefore inevitable that
the family game would fuel Romeo's career aspirations, and
one day he would follow in the footsteps of More...

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Review about Lil' Romeo songs
one man looking for his heart | Reviewer: tejan maningo
    ------ About the song Girlfriend and Boyfriend performed by Lil' Romeo

one i was walking down day road i saw a girl i thought i ve found an angel, i went and approach her, she told me to wait till 2013 that was the year 2001 now that is 2013 she said i should wait until 2017

Tight song | Reviewer: crystal grady
    ------ About the song U Cant Shine Like Me performed by Lil' Romeo

Romeo and DA RICH BOYS FLYYYYYY. I 'm well aquanted with a friend that I'm with whose P.MILLER 2nd cousin they look similar both tall, handsome and talented. But despite that Romeo and those Rich Boys The New No Limit is forever. TIGHTTThhhh SONG.SHINE NEW NO LIMIT

Cute, sweet and captivating | Reviewer: Vivian Shallot
    ------ About the song My Cinderella performed by Lil' Romeo

This is a song that would knock me down like bam! If it were sang to me by yours trully,Romeo. It is a cute,sweet and captivating jam and I love it. Thank God for Romeo and HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY and may you live to see more of August 19th. 4 thf record,my bday was on 17th August. I love you 4 who u are. Love, Vivian Shallot. Mmmmmwah! ROMEO.:-*

random | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Romeo Show Theme performed by Lil' Romeo

Whoever posted those rude lyrics should get a life and stop hatin on romeo cuz that's obviously what ur doing. Smh lol:) (I'm a fat ass homo)- I mean come on now grow up. Sounds like ur girl must be on romeo jock and u can't stand it!!!

lil romeo is the greatest guy on earth | Reviewer: bright Ekaniyere
    ------ About the song My Cinderella performed by Lil' Romeo

i love this music so much.. lil romeo is my best rapper.. he is so great and i love all the things he does. i love the way he dresses and his chains. i love his hair style and i love his shoes... i like everything about him...
thanks romeo!!!

Nice song. | Reviewer: Tay
    ------ About the song Make You Dance performed by Lil' Romeo

Ok this song is really nice and all. But it seems like a jumble of different songs with Romeo in it! Lol! I think you should erase that poor girls comment because her number and everything is in it. Poor girl. And plus she asked y'all ( mods) to erase it. Where are the moderators? And by the way Romeo what hapened to " Gumbo Station"? I've been waiting for ages!

The real lyrics | Reviewer: Statik (A.K.A. Vergil)
    ------ About the song Static Shock Theme performed by Lil' Romeo

ok "anonymous" or whoever you are, your lyrics are obviously wrong! If u were a true Static fan u would know the lyrics to the TV SHOW!!!!!!!! I bet u never even saw the Epic show with virgil and his trusty sidekick Gear, who as we all know had his trusty backpack "Backpack." Maybe next time you'll think twice before posting some ludicrous piece of literature about the static shock lyrics! This is serious business for serious FANS! Statik and Gear would be ashamed of you if they saw this!

Static Fan 09562859

@ll About being re@l | Reviewer: Destiny
    ------ About the song Special Girl performed by Lil' Romeo

Romeo , I know you might be like I don't know these people so why they're writing me. I don't even know if you read these letters or not,but I'm still gone write you cause it never hurt to try. But anyway I'v always cared and loved you because you are important to me so that's why I'm writing you this letter.I'm not like other girls who just act like they care about you I really do,I would love for you to come to my house on my birthday it's January 11,2009 I live in Alexandria on Monroe street

25/5/1990 | Reviewer: maryan
    ------ About the song My Cinderella performed by Lil' Romeo

i love u so much romeo u are the best one in my life and u are so cute and beautiful and i really loved u and best of luck for your other songs i wish it is so nice your all songs is very nice i really wanna kiss u and hug u and i love u so so so so so much ( u and i wanna be you cinderella

loOvee chuuu =] | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song My Cinderella performed by Lil' Romeo

haha romeoo this songg is absolutely the best lol i am in love with it u dun understand !! =] .. i want u to know taht ii lOve youhh and ii want u to keep doing what chuu doOOOO .. =]

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