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Lil Rob knows that many rap fans have a hard time relating
to artists who constantly glorify hard to obtain material
items. Thats why the legendary San Diego rapper chooses to
remain rooted in reality. With a string of successful
underground albums from 1997 "Crazy life" to 2000 "Natural
high/high till I die" Lil Rob has become a favorite in Los
Angeles, Phoenix and has native San Diego, largely because
of his honest raps about everyday life.

The gifted rhymer delivers another intoxicating batch of
hits with his new and most potent More...

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Submit Lil' Rob New Lyrics

Review about Lil' Rob songs
To mi carnals and mi bro that locked up in okc jail | Reviewer: P1ttbull3
    ------ About the song I Remember performed by Lil' Rob

This song is 4 mi carnal that in jail lookin at 15 thou vida. I know it hard in there bt we ain't forgot about u lok X111 when I hear this sonsong I think about when we was young lok... Y for all the OKLA'S 13 SUR3ÑO'S I send mi respecto y amoX111 SUR UP x3

I just want peace | Reviewer: uno! (;
    ------ About the song Bluffin performed by Lil' Rob

For everybody! I dont care who is fucking who, physically that is, what kind of heart can deny another when it finds love. If I was a hater or wanted to fuck over another then why doesn't it ever show in my actions? I have been put in situations whereby names or sex or age oraby details were never of consideration, but the liabilty was the reason. But that appears as bs bcuz what about my own actions and the risks I'm taking living making decisiobs as Iakung. Lets talk - I will repeat not one word spoken on my life or dont even have to talk specifics but rather compromises and solutions! And win/win for an organization and its people! And then live your life loving the one you love - hopefully I will be consid wer ed a true friend or at bare minimum not involve myself in your lives nor say or do anything to ever hurt either one of you and compromises and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! I am a good person, good intentions, living as one of the same as you both, making other stupid decisions that may prove costly, truth ish I'm working harded then I ever have for the least amount of money ive ever earned, but truth is I truly enjoy what it is I'm doing, the employees b4 I turned some against me. Now it sucks. If we may negotiate - lets! Middle ground! I'll fight for my ppl and present any fair solutuon. More than likely it'll be a done deal! Hugs, love, and moving forward to living a simple life with hopefully noy too many more of these tyea of lessons. May I invite you and even your loved one, if that's what the 2 of u want, or whomever and end the war among us. I want best for even those who hurt me intentionally, what I had to file away as tough love and never lost faith that someday they hopefully would not hate and put water under the bridge as I did so many times for so many ppl - I love all people. Genuinelly care for them. That's the beauty that makes me - well and my fairness and trying to teach life lessons. I'm just like you though. Many try and think of me who thinks he has all of the answers or knows everything. Well anything is possible I guess. I should never say anything to anyone that I wouldnt want said about me. Something I'm changing today. Romantically, my heart was most recently broken, 2 ppl that things changed for one or I did not communicate my true feelings or made them feel like a nobody based on my actions. Idk, I am ok. Still feelings of only love. I will not ever be anything to either of you but of good value and assest. If the one I love realized I am the one and only that they love - then I ask you out on date and it will take a long time but worth it. .y feelings never left me. But if they found love, all ive ever wanted is health and happiness. And I'm a true friend to both. Give me one chance to prove some true colors of myself. I only get temporary feelings of hate if I feel I'm being disrespected. Say whatever you wish to and lets all get on with our lives and quality of living. Ive been destructive lately. I need to rest and a vacation! Ill do my best to get everyone as close to if not everything they each want for Christmas! Xoxo

Song always touches mi coizon | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song I Remember performed by Lil' Rob

Song impacts me, reminds me of when I was spending my days in da streets, even though I grew out of dat shit, it was those struggles in da streets that kept my homies( da fam) together, those days was some real unity, dis song reminds me of those struggles.

Brown Pride | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Mexican Gangster performed by Lil' Rob

Hey homie that's a very crazy song
Mi barrio es crazy hOmies 32 We use gray rag and we located in 10 states of USA
Sur 13
Mexican mafia
Mexican gangsters brotherhood
Brown pride
Those gangs are the ones I represent
Fuck the rest but showing respect to ms 13

This song is bumpin(; | Reviewer: Mandy
    ------ About the song California performed by Lil' Rob

I love lil rob, everyone even calls my bf lil rob, his name is Heriberto, but most ppl can't pronounce it. Thank goodness for him introducing me to your music. Lil rob *the singer* is a sexy cholo (including my bf, *lil rob*) lmao.

i remanice da old timez | Reviewer: junior 13
    ------ About the song I Remember performed by Lil' Rob

dis song reminds me of da old time romin da streetz repin da SUR13 con los compas en las calles...... remember smokin it up wit da homies n drinkin it up..... den i had 2 move away n dat y i like dis song makes me wana go bak 2 ma old wayz.......simon SUR13 all da way alwayz in ma corazon.......

kick it and reminice | Reviewer: TRIP
    ------ About the song I Remember performed by Lil' Rob

you know this song takes me back to the old times when i lived back were i did i roamed those streets and bummped to these types of beats take the time back so i can get my sack roll and smoke and pass the joint i remember all the homies all the girls all the parts all the fights and fuck my enemyz SUR 18 STREET Tiny DiabloS got respect por la sur 13 tabien Ez up Ss up dont gice a fuck

Readd . Comment . | Reviewer: Maria
    ------ About the song Bring Out the Freak in You performed by Lil' Rob

Damn this song iss like so sexy i love it . Too say the truth lil rob fkingg in a wierd way but the woman is way sexierrr . Noo Homo. (:
Lol. all the nastyyy thingss we can dooo. Ahhh ! thiss song so

spv sur por vida 13 | Reviewer: knightmare loco
    ------ About the song I Remember performed by Lil' Rob

this song eminds me of the days ahead and some from the past i know ill be back to kc 913 816 and everything on this song and more so i leave yu with a word from the future soildier of sureños por vida knigthtmare loco the blue never dies it only multiplies SUR13

just one of your kisses | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just One of Your Kisses (Un Besito) performed by Lil' Rob

i don't understand, my boyfriend dedicated this song to me.. what is he trying to say? it's true, i don't really trust him, and his lifestyle is really tough on me.. but is he saying that if i want to move on it's cool with him? i don't get it..

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