Lil' Rob Albums

  • Oldie Collection Album (10/1/2010)
    If Only
    Look At Her
    Let You Go
    More Bounce
    I'm Coming Home
    Gangsta Gangsta
    Don't Make Me Wait
    Shot Gun
    Don't Be Jealous

  • Twelve Eighteen: Part II Album (10/21/2008)
    Bring It Back
    Slow It Down
    Leanin' On The Weekend
    Brown Side
    Let's Go
    Let Me Come Back
    Bang Bang Boogie
    Fast Life
    Microphone Rippin
    Cortez Shoes
    Stuck With You
    Do It
    Just One Of Those Days
    Stick Up

  • Uncut For The Calles: Mextape Volume Uno Album (2/1/2007)
    Mi Vida Loca (Cisco Kid Flow)
    Cinco De Mayo
    Truth Or Consequences
    Form The Sd To H-Town
    Three Amigos
    What You See
    Got Weed
    Get Your Feria
    Lil Rob's In The House
    West Coast Ridaz
    Get Back
    Bring It Back
    Nasty Rock
    Hard Times

  • Twelve Eighteen Part 1 Album (7/26/2005)
    My Turn
    What Am I Saying
    Ooh Baby Baby
    Rough Neighborhood
    I Who Have Nothing (But I Have Respect)
    I'm Still Here
    Summer Nights

  • Neighborhood Music Album (2/17/2004)
  • The Album Album (9/3/2002)
  • The Last Laff Album (4/30/2002)
  • Can't Keep a Good Man Down Album (11/13/2001)
  • High Till I Die: Remix 2000 Album (5/16/2000)
  • Still Smokin' Album (4/25/2000)
  • Crazy Life Album (11/18/1997)

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    El lil pico | Reviewer: Chris
        ------ About the album Crazy Life performed by Lil' Rob

    Lil rob I like your songs and I want to comnicate with you ese because your rolas are cool vato please vato write me back.

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