Lil' Kim Lyrics

BORN: July 11, 1975

It's the year of Y2Kim, which is precisely why Brooklyn's
own diminutive diva is massing her musical troops at the
border - preparing for a no-prisoners hip hop takeover of
the multi-platinum variety. Cue sonic boom and enter the
long-awaited "THE NOTORIOUS K.I.M."

"I know it's been a long time since my last album, but
Big's death has affected me in more ways than one," writes
Kim in her album notes, by way of a message to her fans.

While it's true her solo output has yet to catch up with
her fast-rising fame, More...

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Review about Lil' Kim songs
Woke up relieved! | Reviewer: jerrilyn painter
    ------ About the song Crush On You (in album hardcore) performed by Lil' Kim

Hi Kim: I'm 56 & don't normally "waste batteries or electricity" but feel asleep w/MP3 but woke up to your snappy beat on 92.1 in Waynesboro, PA 17268 Main Street, USA. Let me say, with all sincerity, I was totally blown away by the ABSOLUTE TRUTH! in your song! I tried to find it on the juke box of the closest bar, but weren't sure of the title, till I asked on the hipsters on the street. now that I know, I'll be blasting it out my windows of every building, car, mosque or whatever has an echo! Excelllent!!!!!!!!!!

I disagree | Reviewer: janice
    ------ About the song Black Friday performed by Lil' Kim

You must be crazy to name yourself 'hip hop', and write a review dissing Lil Kim. Kim IS hip hop, and is an emcee in her own right. With her rhymes, she'll never be obsolete! Her rhymes are much better than you know who's. I won't dwell into that because this isn't about her. As far as Kim's lyrics, I believe she wrote this song, and did well on it. If you don't like her, don't listen to her. By the way, the word women is plural.

dumb | Reviewer: hip hop
    ------ About the song Black Friday performed by Lil' Kim

“You's a airhead b-tch...scarecrow.” WOW, this women is legendary? I don't think so. Sorry, but actual emcees know how to write lyrics. Also I'm pretty sure they don't say lousy punchlines referencing the Wizard of Oz. Fire that ghostwriter and pick up a freakin' writing utensil! Kim, you're so obsolete. Grow up!!

why quiet? | Reviewer: brandi baskett
    ------ About the song Quiet performed by Lil' Kim

i love this song....all i want to know is why is the song called quiet when nothing about guns and dogs barking are quiet...but overall the song is very true and good.lil kim and the game did the damn thang.

Wrong lyrics | Reviewer: kenton
    ------ About the song Whoa performed by Lil' Kim

this sucks i been listening to lil kim from wen she dropped hardcore and that isnt the correct lyrics so u betta get it straight next time

Lil Kim | Reviewer: yinka
    ------ About the song Whoa performed by Lil' Kim

The bitch is tit, but i think the lyrics is all about the jail thin. i love lil kim so much, if i have the chance of meeting her i will surely propose

love this song | Reviewer: Chris-C
    ------ About the song Lady Marmalade performed by Lil' Kim

This song is great. it has alsome words and alsome poeople singing it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT.... | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Diamonds performed by Lil' Kim

the LYRICS are perfect. what album was this song on tho? I have been trying to find it wit no luck at all. is it available online in an audio version? HELP me PLEASE....

heyyyyyy | Reviewer: deanndra
    ------ About the song Not Tonight (remix) performed by Lil' Kim

I love this song it is so tight and sweet and lil'kim and left eye is my favorite rapper

whoa whoa whoa | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Whoa performed by Lil' Kim

lol dis song remind sme of being in jail and i think dats whyy she wrote it. I mean she wasnt tryin to be a snitch in w.e she lyed bout but heyy i think dis song is bout when she was in jail.....

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