Lil' Bow Wow Albums

  • Greenlight 5 Album (3/9/2013)
    8 Figgaz
    Caked Up
    Grown Ass Man
    We In Da Club
    Eat The Cake
    Pussy On My Mind
    Heart Stop
    I Try
    Self Made
    We Going Hard
    Ohio To Yonkers
    Money Over Bitches

  • Underrated Album (6/12/2012)
    We Going Hard
    Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You
    Boy Or Girl

  • Im Better Than You Album (9/27/2011)
    What My Future Holds
    They Aint Got Shit On Me
    It Is What It Is
    Mary Jane
    On Some Other Shit
    I Love Pussy
    Its Alive
    70 Bars And No Hook
    2 Young 2 Give A Fuck

  • The GreenLight 4 Album (7/27/2011)
    You Drinking Too Much
    I Got Em Let Em Know
    Why They Hate
    Ima Stunt
    Lets Get Closer
    Boy Or Girl
    Come Smoke With Me Pt. 4
    Sell My Soul
    Set It Off
    Welcome Home
    Ain't Thinking' Bout You

  • The GreenLight 3 Album (6/1/2010)
  • The GreenLight 2 Album (5/1/2010)
  • New Jack City II Album (3/31/2009)
  • The GreenLight Album (3/1/2009)
  • Face Off Album (12/11/2007)
  • Price Of Fame Album (12/19/2006)
  • Wanted Album (7/12/2005)
  • Unleashed Album (7/22/2003)
  • Doggy Bag Album (12/18/2001)
  • Beware Of Dog Album (9/26/2000)

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    Reviews about Lil' Bow Wow albums
    Bowwow underrated | Reviewer: Tash
        ------ About the album Underrated performed by Lil' Bow Wow

    Honestley how can you review an album that never droped in the first place coz he only release a couple of tracks that are avarage and should not be included in the album as they are not album material but should have be only added to one of his mixtape an by the looks things bowwow's album might not be droppin at all because judging from the few tracks he has release the album can be nothing else but gabedge an Birdman will not allow him to release that trash shit album and embarace cashmoney or waste company funds on a project set to be a flop an he should just hang his mic up infect he should just hang himself for the trash his been recording an he will never sell more albums as he used to due to the fact that he don't what his fans really what to hear an he also has nothing really to rap about you can just hear from his songs not that they really deserve to be called songs but he just lashin out borin lyrics that have epselutely no meaning an without hardwork he will never become a success as lazy to put in more effort when makin an album an therefor he should just quit an Birdman should grow some ballz an fire his lazy ass coz it clear his chew on his check book for nothing an i head he supposly get $4000 per month an he should really be gettin nothing

    omg i love u | Reviewer: kim
        ------ About the album Wanted performed by Lil' Bow Wow

    omg i love ur music so much! when are u coming to waukesha, wisconsin or milwakee for a concert becuase i totally want to see u agin? cause i went to see u at da other concert that u had here in milwakkee

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