Lil' Boosie Lyrics

Lil Boosie was born Torrence Hatch in Baton Rouge,
Louisiana on November 14, 1983, he was bestowed the
nickname Boosie by his family and was raised on W. Garfield
St. in a ghetto in the mean streets of south side Baton
Rouge (SSB).

Growing up, Boosie was hardened by the many difficult
experiences he was put through. His neighborhood, notorious
for drugs and violence, was a place feared by the general
population. To outsiders, it was a jungle, to residents, it
was life. Boosie got very involved in basketball to stay
off the streets, More...

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Review about Lil' Boosie songs
wrong lyrics all over the place | Reviewer: TJ
    ------ About the song Where Im From performed by Lil' Boosie

"Bad moves the reason out aka the swamp" should be "baton rouge, Louisiana aka the swamp"

"down the street is no law" should be "down the street is New Orleans"

"R top shop, r tek, I never really seen one either" should be "or a chop shop, or a tek, I never really seen one either"

Soft 2 Hard | Reviewer: India
    ------ About the song Soft To Hard performed by Lil' Boosie

If u got some work dat's soft then I can make dat shit hard.......I started off with mustard greens Gangsta lean good white for a good price my whip game is insane so lil boosie live dat good life uncle showed me how to rock it up and talk in code like I need a mic vick or a Baton Rouge Area code whoa them nine pieces dem tony parkers them whole thangs they Bob Barkers my area code is two two five that stand for a two and a quarter listen up Im a rider here I whip that thang Ivy Smith and it's jumpin back to twenty nine fish scales they hard to find soft mixed wit dem green beans thats for dem real true dope Fiends that lace it up like no legs i aint hatin nigga gone head my ectasy be triple stack ain't no question you feelin like jeezy say if it's still in the rap then Partna you can bring when crack hit the U.S. it made a Epidemic everybody wana rock it up have you ever seen they eyes boy they eyes buck and they fiending wit it high gone in five minutes but bad azz supply em I got It I got it.

WHACK SOUF SH** | Reviewer: efizz
    ------ About the song Wipe Me Down performed by Lil' Boosie

just another example of how easy it is to be a rapper from the south. find a catch phrase and thats it. no need for lyrical skills for example:Hot drop drop top top drop hoes drop it like its hot yea nigga im the shit
straight garbage. i can't wait til this sh** dies already. big up to REAL HIP HOP mc's like talib, common, mos def

Verse 2 | Reviewer: DubBedUp
    ------ About the song I'm Mad performed by Lil' Boosie

Wrong - My Sugar Up Im Heated Now Ready To Get Even Now I Dont Talk No Shit I Talk My Shit Where Theres A Eagle

Right - My Sugar Up Im Heated Now Ready To Get Even Now I Dont Talk No Shit I Talk My Shit Wit Desert Eagles Now.

M-I-E-S-H-A B-A-X-T-E-R YEA THATZ ME WIPE MEH DOWN | Reviewer: miesha
    ------ About the song Wipe Me Down performed by Lil' Boosie


wipe me down | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Wipe Me Down performed by Lil' Boosie

wipe me down is for tha real peepz that came from tha hood still in the hood doin' what they gotta do but when then get on and start ballin' they feel like ot's nothing cuz it ain;t. 0.5.7. Mable Block Kinloch representa free squirt lou bg gremlo he a fool with that mouthpiece and my niggas tha trips 314

My opinion! | Reviewer: sasha
    ------ About the song Zoom performed by Lil' Boosie

this song is awsome cause all i do is sing this song in school to all my
love the way Boosie sounds in this song

lil boosie bad azz | Reviewer: young stowe
    ------ About the song I'm Mad performed by Lil' Boosie

mayne lil boosie is da coldest nigga also young jeezy ,lilwayne and santanta but lil boosie spit dat real shit niggas can ride 2 dat gangsta musik nigga u can try but u ain't lil boosie nigga no no

exciting | Reviewer: kimasia span
    ------ About the song Exciting performed by Lil' Boosie

all of my shows be exciting hoes grabbin on my dick WONT bite it didnt yo mama teach you better u triflen just chill after the show you can lick me like icein

loving everything about you | Reviewer: SexyT
    ------ About the song Do it Big performed by Lil' Boosie

Boosie I wanted to drop a line and give you your props. You are one of the coldest mc's on the scene right now. You music is real and it speaks to me. I love everything that I have heard from you, Do it big is one of my favorites. I wish you all the luck and success in the world. Never give up and don't let the haters get you down. People only talk shit cause misery loves company. Loving everything about you.

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