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Ok, whassup, this ya boy 50 Cent
And it's goin down right here, you heard me?
I'm Craaaazy,
off the massacre
check it out

[Chours x2]
Bitches only feel ya shit just a lil' bit
Niggas only feel ya shit just a lil' bit
The hood only feel ya shit just a lil' bit
Stop the singin',lets get back to some killa shit

[Hurricane Game]
Step up in the club they like who you wit,
I'm signed to Dr. Dre not G-Unit,
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Red rag in my pocket, feelin old school,
You forgot how bullets feel, Im'a show you,
I'm a gangsta I do what I want to,
Your time is up nigga, I dun warned you,
You got the police with you nigga don't trip,
I got a box of dough nuts and a whole clip,
When it’s time for beef he gets his drink on,
Animal Rights said kill him with that mink on,
I'ma kick it by the car till its time to go,
And I wont leave the scene til the police show cuz

Bitches only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
Niggas only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
The hood only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
stop this singin',lets get back to some killa shit

[Hurricane Game]
Remember 50 comin' out your stereo,
Sounded gangsta till he switched his flow,
How many times I try to get you to hit the smoke,
Stop lying to the people you don't twist the dro,
My tech is snit my clip is long,
And the Bloods and Crips is on you door,
They must've heard that you a ho,
Got G-Unit airbrushed on your toe,
I bring the pump in the club cause I'm hurricane,
And I do these rap beefs all the time man,
They say at summer jam I turned it out,
But Kanye and Hova killed it without a doubt,
The rat came out dancing like a pro man,
Punch him in the face the crowd was like oh man,
Four months ago I was yellin’ G-Unit,
Till I found out the nigga 5-0 was a snitch,

Bitches only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
Niggas only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
The hood only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
Stop the singin', lets get back to some killa shit

produced by scott scorch
scott scorch
scott scorch
scott i mean sci sca
its scott storch u dumb ass bitch
S-T-O-R-C-H storch motha fucka storch
learn how to talk u fuckin bitch
thats that motha fuckin hole in your jaw huh..
scott scorch learn how to say a nigga name u dumb ass fagget
ya dont even no how to talk
and that the reason...

Bitches only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
Niggas only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
The hood only feel ya shit just a lil' bit,
Stop the singin', lets get back to some killa shit (echo)

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g-unot man 50 is a snitch | Reviewer: gimme more game | 2/29/2008

nigga first of all nigga listen to me 50 is gay yayo is a yoyo nigga banks got bankrupt and

and olivia shes a bitch g-unit bitch nigga nigga just a lil bit rmx nigga 50 cant spell u dumb ass faget nigga learn how to speak nigga ggg ggg g-unot you monkey bitch. gurila fucking dick ass

The Game Ma Nigga With Attitude ! | Reviewer: G-Unot | 8/2/2007

50's killin urban music , u know Jayceon Taylor Aka the Game is the future of rap hip hop music , so I holla at u ma nigga , I know u r the best but u have to continue on the straight way , yeah !!!!

God Damn ! | Reviewer: G-unit Cops !!! | 7/8/2007

Game you my heart.. i swear to god ! Fuck G-unit man.. They can suck my Shit... Serious nigger, i liked 50 cent once.. But then i heart how The Game Dissed them ! And i swear its like im in love with that nigga.. Game. All Respect to you man ;) And i cant wait to the Concert the 17th July in Denmark..

hatin on the game day 2 day | Reviewer: DMY | 7/4/2007

i am str8 up somalian came from Muqadisho and i started lisanin hip hop wen i was 5 and i heard bout pac and 50 i think i can compare both of rappers........and i wanna know y diz mothefucker called him self The game bullshitin and on snitchin 50 and he's grew G-unit n i can say dat he's just snitcher no1 likes him coz he ain't makin any sence he is just str8 up wangsta no doubt and i am tell him back off the game b4 50 kill u and i am done bout this wanksta shit lol y'll wanna feel bout diz real nigga 50 is 4life of songs and let us get back 2 the point its let us hate The game peace out wun

Gayme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/1/2007

Game is just a guy tryin' to get fame in the back of G-Unit. He is unable to make good songs and only make disses, he was kicked by g-unit cuz was a shit. GGGGGGG-UNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go ggguniit | Reviewer: ice dog | 6/26/2007

da game is gay for 50 Hip hop hurray

da gme just a lil bit is shit
i hate da game

why u trying 50 | Reviewer: Mo | 6/5/2007

yo yo lets start this , 50 is snich GGGGGGG UNOT yo 50 why u trying for , if u want it all write some more , the game he is a name like the n.w.a , young buck still a little nigger , acting like a big man , but you u still sleeping with grandmama and aunt ,i dnt care if u rich u just still a motherfuke snicht ......

50 cent is a gay boi | Reviewer: the game nephew | 5/22/2007

u knw wat happend wen me and the game went 2 his house?? he had on make-up!!! hhahaha

G-Unot | Reviewer: MSThug | 2/22/2007

Lol it's a good song I just don't like the Chorus [x2] part it sounds gay when he repeats it but the rest of the song is pretty good.

Fuck G Unit...G-G-G-G-G Unit | Reviewer: SkYlAh... | 11/1/2005

Game Is The Shit... He Ripped 50 cent No Dowbt, Game If You Come On And Read This Your Tha Man Get At Me Aiite. Just A Lil Bit Diss I Know Tha Whole Song and I Didnt Even Look Up Tha Lyrics Its Hott If I Rated It On A 1-10 Scale It Would Get A 10/10. Fuck 50 cent and G Unit They Got Nufn Against Game He'll Show Them How Tha Bloodstas Roll. Represent That Shit...Red Rag In My Pocket For That Old School. And That Song Cant Play Tha Game With 50 cent Thats Hott Shit 2. Damn Game We Gotta Collab If Your Ever In NZ in Auckland City Send Me A E-mail Aiite.

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