Lil' B Albums

  • Hoop Life Album (2/28/2014)
    Don't Go Outside
    Fuck KD
    Gotta Make The NBA
    I Got Bitches
    NBA Live
    NBA Stole My Swag
    Real Based
    Ski Ski BasedGod
    Who I Want

  • Basedworld Paradise Album (2/16/2014)
    I'm Tupac
    05 Fuck Em Remix
    The BasedGod Is Perfect
    All Day
    Bring The Beat Back
    Be Brave Welcome Home
    Hip Hop 101
    Just A Lil Bit
    Wat's The Mob
    How The Girls Sound
    Basedworld Paradise
    I'm Solid
    Move Correct
    Till The Sunlight
    Drug Dealer PSA
    Based Memories
    In The Wind
    Peter Pan
    Rides Of Hope
    Stab You When Dead
    Meeting In The Town
    Castles And Dragons
    Green Flame Remix
    I Don't Hate You
    Appreciate You
    Listen To God Speak
    Bitches Till I Die
    The World Is Ours
    Cashout On Me Based Freestyle
    Lying To The Kid

  • 100% Gutta Album (9/1/2013)
    Gimme My Swag Back
    4 Me
    Lifes Hard
    Still Flexin Membership
    Based Hero

  • P.Y.T.: Pretty Young Thug Album (3/24/2013)
    PYT Intro
    Choppin Paper Up
    510 Rachet
    Fuck The Ops
    Complex Hate Crimes
    Real Person Music
    Keith Sweat
    Cold Case
    Hearts Review
    Free My Life
    Alota Bitches
    Go To Work
    Look Like God
    That O
    Keep Strippin
    Brief Intermission
    We Solid
    Giving Up
    Who Gangsta
    Keep Saggin
    Foolin Around
    Cing Angels
    Marry Me
    Slangin Packs BASED FREESTYLE

  • Pink Flame Album (2/3/2013)
  • Glassface Album (12/8/2012)
  • Crime Fetish Album (11/22/2012)
  • The BasedGod Album (11/22/2012)
  • Halloween H2O Album (10/29/2012)
  • Illusions Of Grandeur 2 Album (10/10/2012)
  • Frozen Based Freestyle Mixtape Album (9/8/2012)
  • White Flame Album (2/1/2012)
  • I'm Gay (I'm Happy) Album (6/9/2011)
  • I Forgive You Album (5/1/2011)

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