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If I had no more time
No more time left to be here
Would you cherish what we had?
Was it everything that you were looking for?
If I couldn't feel your touch
And no longer were you with me
I'd be wishing you were here
To be everything that I'd be looking for
I don't wanna forget the present is a gift
And I don't wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me
'Cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed

So every time you hold me
Hold me like this is the last time
Every time you kiss me
Kiss me like you'll never see me again
Every time you touch me
Touch me like this is the last time
Promise that you'll love me
Love me like you'll never see me again

Oh Oh Oh

How many really know what love is?
Millions never will
Do you know until you lose it
That it's everything that we are looking for
When I wake up in the morning
You're beside me
I'm so thankful that I found
Everything that I been looking for

I don't wanna forget the present is a gift
And I don't wanna take for granted the time you may have here with me
'Cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed

So everytime you hold me
Hold me like this is the last time
Every time you kiss me
Kiss me like you'll never see me again
(can you do that for me baby)
Every time you touch me
(see we don't really know)
Touch me like this is the last time
(see everyday we never know)
Promise that you'll love me
(I want you to promise me)
Love me like you'll never see me again
(like you'll never see me again)

Oh oh oh oh oh

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Like You'll Never See Me Again | Reviewer: Mychalanne | 6/2/13

My sister turned me onto this song after she lost her oldest son. What could I say, it hit me in my heart and she's one for listening to every word and it really said something to both of us. But especially my sister for the simple fact she will never see her son again. This is a powerful song for anyone who has lost a loved one. The ironic thing about it was the video was very close to what our family experienced in the hospital scene. Thanks Alicia for touching our hearts and making us appreciate each other a little more because you never know when you might not see that loved one again.

i really love this song | Reviewer: perezaz karina | 5/5/13

hi guys here is my problem
I meat this amazing guy and I love him , his name is larry
and he make me fall in love for him everytime we tx and meet up to enjoy yourselfs.
we met at my job ,we both was working and I saw him every morning , was so good to see him at least like 10 minutes a day until he got a other job :(
and now I see him one time a month if I luck , cuz we live 1:40 hrs way .
but that is not all ,the real problem is that he is marry and so my self .
I wish I could be strong and divoce my hubby ,but I cant do it ,and I m not sure about larry ,if he want to divorce his wife or not :(
its hard and sad to love someone and live with someone that u don't love so much I just like this person but the love its gone ,but I m to affray to hurt hi my hubby heart and he do something like really bad to me or himself .
I wished larry help me in some way that I could be strong enough and make the decision.

time is gold | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

I'm married and my lover is single,I cnt leave my marriage bec I cnt handle the bad reputations that I'm gonna create.its bn goin on 4 3 yrs and my bf is tired of waiting 4 me 2 b single,he's late 40's and he wna hv hs own family so bad,he said he loves me so mch bt he hs 2 make hs own life bec I hv a family of my own.we're still seing ea other bt he's tryng 2 get 2 know other woman bec I'm nt drives me crazy and so sad thnkng that he's lookng 4 some1 else bec I cnt commit.I lv hm so mch too.I wna make the most of it when wr 2gether bec I'm nt sure if I'll see hm again the ff day,he might fall in love w/ other people.

RIP Aunt Jerri | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/21/10

I am a big fan of Alicia Keys, I did not know she sung this song until just now. This song brings memories to me about my Aunt's funeral. It seem like the first time i paid much attention to this song is at her funeral. It was the last time i saw her and they played a slideshow of her pictures. Now, every time i hear this song it remind me her. I love you Aunt Jerri.

So In Love and I'm sorry for fighting. | Reviewer: rbrt | 3/23/10

This song really touched me when I heard it for the first time in years. My girlfriend and I have been getting in fights over small things for a little while now. When I heard this I broke down completely because I've been having chest pain a lot lately.. When I heard this I realized how much I've been missing. When I told her about the song she got scared.. and we promised not to fight as much anymore. I love you so much mi osita. La quiero de ella con todo mi corazon para siempre.

1.18.10 r.i.p my baby geoh | Reviewer: martha salinas | 2/18/10

man just weishing that my ex boyfriend ever did this to me i love him so much that he let me go and wen i detadceted this song to him..he cried and told me that he loved me (which was yesterday)he kissed me and i felll in love with him day since hes a gang member he got shot and now im living my life all by my self and having him in my heart forever....!?:.(

missing you | Reviewer: babyy xx | 2/16/09

omgg likee seriouslyy his soongg brings bak soo manyy memories aee..NIGGAH STIIIEET LOL naah but yehh newaiis i havve like 10 guys kuzins that i grew up with theyy all sso ment the world too me. well newaiis they all had mhy name tatto on their baks newaiis i told them yuh no illd promise ill get there names on myn ass soon as i could. well there was a hugemounges fight that happend in nz sun nytt nd i was talking too myy kuzins on msn well playing this song nd because it was myn nd my 10 kuzins fav song. well they left for this fight nd promised they woould come bak on msn like 3 - 4 hours soo i sed i wuld stay onn well i was scared to death nd was crying myy eyes out well playing this sonn repeatedlyy well they promised me they would be bak nd allso sed that i will see them again. well 5hours went by nd i started too worry. one of them sign on nd i was soo relieved kuz i thort they were all oks, but sadlyy i lost 4 of them nnd have one thats fine nd 5 that are in hospital with wounds. i miss and love yuh guys all soo much OXOXOXOXOXO

Wow | Reviewer: Missy | 11/19/08

Well, i heard this song for the first time when i got off work yesterday, me and my husband are going through some really tough stuff, both deployed to iraq for the 2nd time each. he gets home 3 months before i do and he told me last night he is 95% sure he is going to divorce me when we get back. when i heard this song, i broke down. i knew that he was going to divorce me, that wasnt a surprise because he told my sister, so i had already prepared myself for when he would tell me, and it didnt phase me any, until i heard this song, and realized all the good and bad times we had together, things i am gonna miss. he still wants to be friends, but i dont know if i can. i guess only time will tell.

Like you'll Never See Me Again | Reviewer: minenhle | 5/7/08

U know whenever this song is playing I jus think of my boyfriend coz we dont leave in the same place so every tym when Im with him I jus play it on my phone coz it drives me crazy & even if Im not close 2 him I call him & tell 2 listen 2 it when its playing on the radio station & this song is keeping awa relationship more stronger than ever.

reminds | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

This song reminds me of a girl name brittany that lost her bestfriend 2 a guy she used to date and the last day she saw her bff her bff said ur a hater and ull never be nothing and i wish u would just go to hell bitch and that same night the brittany was shot and ran over by unknown people they never found them now brittany bff loves her 2 death but thats the only thing wrong she wished upon her bestfriends brittanys death

Memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/08

First off Alicia Keys is amaziiing. This is such a good song that most people can relate to because we all have or have had a special person in our lives that no matter what every time they have to leave it feels like you'll never see them again. Its sad to think that some people will never really know what love is but then again they'll never have to go through a heartbreak, and we all know those are hell. Im still in one so songs like this hit the spot.

i love this song.. | Reviewer: levin | 3/17/08

well i have always been abig fun of Miss keys, i love her works but this song, reminds me so much about the girl i loved so much, its ayear now ever since she did break my heart and she moved on..but even today i mention her name everyday of my life, i wish she knew how i felt..maybe she would have not let me down..cos am hurting even today. i love the song so much cos everytime i was with her,i treated her like there's no tommorrow, and blve me, am now living in the past,all the time, all i have in my mind is her,but i just hope oneday i get someone who will always treat me in special way, like i will always do.. maybe she will be the right person to sing for this song.. love u Alicia..and miss u my ex-girl..

Wat happened | Reviewer: Deveney | 3/8/08

my boyfriend and i have been 2geta for 7months and it seems like he don't want to be with me but at the same time he do and after 7months and you think that just because some otha chick likes you then your feelings are suppose to change on your girlfriend and now he wants to be friends with me afer hearing her song it reminds me of wat we use to do and how we use to kiss and say dat we love each other now its all different.

I love this song! | Reviewer: Sandra | 3/6/08

When i heard this sont it made so much sence and it went great with the relationship that i have with my boyfriend. I dedicated him this song so now when it plays in the radio and i'm with him i just look at him. we both smile. i thak god everyday for him and also for great artist like Alicia Keys!

astounding!! | Reviewer: majorgeous | 3/7/08

5 months of staying with that guy. but all things wer just perfectly great i know and he knows that this would last but i guarantee and we guarantee we made the most out of it . but even until now i still loved him and still felt the pain that I'd been keeping for such a long days now. he holds me like he'll never see me again, he kissed me everywhere, he touch me like that is the last time... i never doubt anything to him. i cherished every moments with him. this song brings back me to the past one thing i guarantee to my self i loved him , i gave all, and now im starting to move on and forget everything and im picking up all the pieces i had been lost when im loving him...:C

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